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I recieved a letter with a plastic card included with information about the H&R Block Emerald Advance. Which, yes on approved credit, based on what your antisapated tax return will be, will loan you up to $1000. I brought all the information and papers needed to my H&R Block agent. I was told to antisapate a return of $8,470.00. How ever my loan was denied within 2 seconds of my agent pressing the send button. My agent said (I quote) "I'm... Read more

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Went through the entire tax return process and it was to be submitted for free (both federal and state in my case). Well, I spent WEEKS preparing to send it out and today I finally finished but when I go to file it asks me to enter the keycode. I no longer have my keycode because I deleted my email mailbox, which had my purchase confirmation email! So aggrevated! Of course, I cant get a hold of anyone through their 800 number. Does anyone... Read more

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I was told by the person who prepared my taxes that I would receive my tax refund "faster" if I used the H&R Block Emerald Card and that all I would have to do is take the card into my bank and tell the teller to transfer the money from my card to my checking acct. Found out by accident that not only will it cost me $25.00 to do so BUT if I wanted to do it free of charge, I'd have to fill out a form and fax it back to them requesting the... Read more

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I applied for advance loan and was denied. Due to credit rating; but rating has been the same for the past 5 years. I have been with H&R Block for 12 years and have applied for the advance loans for the past 3 years. Many are looking forward to these loans especially during the holidays. I can imagine how many others that has been turned down at a time of need. Two other friends of mine were denied also. I will not continue to deal with them at... Read more

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we received a loan in December for a line of credit and the employee said we had 2 ways to pay it off 1 is pay it off when we receive our income tax the second was a monthly payment taken from the emerald card because we direct deposit our paycheck on the card. so we went with the monthly payment right off our card each month no hassle of having to remember to pay them back for the loan. well it went well for the first 2 payments until today... Read more

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I went to H&R block 2 weeks ago to file my taxes, I am a single mom who makes $9 an hour. My taxes take about 20 minutes, if that, to finish. I made an appointment, got there and sat down quickly. The lady who did my taxes was barely competent... she had to ask me how to spell things, someone had to come over to help her fill in basic info, and she didnt have answers to simple questions. To top that off, the cost was almost 300 *** dollars,... Read more

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On February 7th, I notified H&R Block via there customer service number that the Emerald Card (debit card with my tax refund on it) had been stolen. They stated that it would take 3-10 days. On February 22, I called them asking the status of the replacement debit card, customer service stated that they had not sent one because they did not have my address. This is ridiculous---I filed my taxes with them. I asked her why hadn't anyone... Read more

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Two situations that have arisen in the last 2 weeks concerning H&R Block Bank. 1) I've had my paycheck direct-deposited every week for a year since I received an Emerald Card last year. AT that time, it made sense to have my pay direct-deposited and then I could transfer to my PayPal money-market account. This Friday morning, I go to use my debit card. Declined. I think it must be a mistake so I swipe the card again. Declined. I call the... Read more

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H&R Block did my taxes for 2010. In November, I received a letter from the IRS saying that I needed to do an amended form immediately. I called the H&R Block office that did my taxes only to find out it wasn't a year round office. I was told that the only office in the area that was open was 45 minutes away. I made an appointment and when I arrived at the office it was closed. I called the 1-800 number for H&R Block to complain. Someone... Read more

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I went into my local H&R block office yesterday to have a pretty simple tax return done (non itemized self employment income) and an out of state return. I was shocked to be told at the end of the filing that the fee to H&R block was $324.00! The tax preparer even apologized and agreed that the fee was too high for what she did but the fees are determined by the program and the fact that I filed as self-employed pushed the fee up. I... Read more

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