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What a crock of *** after over a quarter century filing whth h&r bkock this year their new bank wont give me a loan against my refund as they have for years because of my wifes credit are you kidding me block you get your money off the top when it hits as a direct deposit to emerald so why should credit score suddenly make a difference. And thats after a almost 400 dollar filing fee that i was gonna suck up cause i need the money they claim they loan when you file i guess they decietfully left out the new credit standard they now involve

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I also have been at HRBLOCK for over 15 years and every year we have gotten our loan with no trouble but not this year! We received many statements in the mail stating “preaproved” and they called us several time to make sure we were indeed coming back this year for our loan.

Then when we got there the hrblock specualist we have always used was fantastic like she has been every year she submitted our forms and we waited she called me everyday to keep me updated they assured her that nothing was wrong “they had just selected a few loans that would take a little longer to process “ well I two days later I received a text message saying congratulations your refund has been accepted then another saying I would hear from them in 24-48 hours. Almost immediately I received a email saying we were denied. At first I thought it must be a mistake. Surely after all this time of getting loans through them.

No one can tell me why we were not approved the letter we received says that “we are unable to validate ability to repay loan “ what the heck ? Now I’m really worried what could that mean it it just bad credit or is something wrong with our return?


I agree I have been going to HR Block for 20 + years and have always done the advancement in November with no problem and every year I got the advance when I filed Until this year. I filed and was told I was approved and was waiting for the money to be deposited onto my card when I received an email stating I was denied for the advance?

So I called the number and didn't even get to speak with a real person the recording tells me I was denied do to credit? I'm sorry I don't understand this at all.

I have never missed a payment on advances, always paid them off. So what are they looking at?


Me too. I’ve always paid.( not like you have choice but I have always paid)


Yes I agree with you I have been going there for a lot of years have gave them a lot of money to prepare my taxes it's a bunch of *** they should not have people thinking they are going to receive $$ that day they should also tell you tou better have a 900 point credit score to get it it's a bunch of *** spent almost $500 thinking I would receive $ which out of all my timing I needed now I don't see why they would want to treat people especially very loyal customers that have been going to them for years I mean *** they could at least gave me 300 even 200 something but instead got misled and lured in there just to get bent over I hope people stay clear of them and they lose their *** and lose customers but they didn't have a problem giving me $1,000 back in November I don't understand it they need to get with that crooked Bank I figure this *** out