I have been trying to get a refund because a review of the filings for my mother's estate found an error and have had to be refile. I phoned your Customer Service in November.

They advised me to make an appt. I tried and was told they just needed the new documents to review. I took them and there were copies made and no one got back. I was told they would contact me in 2 days.

In December I called them and was told that the manager was out getting contracts signed. I was given her cell. She asked me to text because she was in meetings. I did.

She said that she would have her girl pull the files and she would get back to me. In January I phoned. I was told that she had tested positive for Covid on Nov. 21st and had not been back in the office.

However she was working in December per her text and office . She then stated that I had not supplied all the documents. I did that in November! Apparently they were misplaced so I took them in again and had another copy made.

I was advised that if I wanted her to look into this and receive an answer that I had best do as she requested. Almost as a threat that she would do nothing! I had already supplied information !!!!!!!!

I phoned on 2/01 and was told she was not in because her father had passed. I have heard nothing since then.

I tried phoning your customer service number for 2 weeks now and can not get through.

This is no way to treat someone!

Get back with an answer. You don't ignore phone calls.

Even if you do not know the answer good customer service should require that you get back to a person in a timely fashion.

I have had H&R do my taxes for a long time and have never had a problem.

I would expect someone to get in contact with me and let me know what to do next. I have done what was asked by that office and by your Customer Service.

I just want an answer!

User's recommendation: Check out the people filing for you! I used offices in Brainerd, MN and Iowa. This is the first time I have ever had and issue and it is a big one! I would advise not using these offices. Centerville has always been great. Hard for me to rate the company because this is not resolved so I am not sure how to do that now.

Location: Ottumwa, Iowa

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