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I always got approved for the emerald advance, but this year I was denied. I do have income for 2019 and I did call the Emerald Advance phone number and they told me there was a Refund error and tax place already requested to the application to be reset, but not heard any thing yet. I know H&R Block did have a Gliche in their soft ware.

This is BS. I have been going to H&R Block for a long time.

I might consider going some where else to have my taxes done.

Not a happy customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hr Block Emerald Prepaid Card.

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I never even got an approval or denial text. Nothing.

I did my taxes on Monday, and it’s wesnesday with nothing.

My fiancé got his in less than 5 mins, and he has horrible credit due to owing for hospital bills bc of no insurance! He got the $1,000 and the full $3,000!!!!


Filed mine yesterday and was told that I would be receiving a text within 30 mins it's been about 12 hours and no text. Does that mean I was denied?


I got approved this year as well as the past 4 years, BUT I got slapped with so many fees and still have not received my state due to the emerald advance messing it up . My advice to you guys is you were blessed and didn't even know it .

smh I think they base it on your history I have horrible credit but I get a fairly good return and it is always paid asap and they get it right off the card , if your op for your return to go to your account they are less likely to approve you . ( I think so that is just my opinion of why I got approved ) I also have been going to H&R BLOCK for the past 10 years and I'm self employed .


Also ALWAYS been approved and this year denied. Upsetting


I have also been a client of H&R for years and I was also denied the loan and Have always got it, They are draling with a new bank and believe it or not theres people that get the loan and dont pay it back. I understand everyones frustration but If you gave loans a 3 out of 10 didnt pay back you would also be Leary.

Dont be upset with H&R block, be upset with your tax prep. And the people in the office are just doing what there taught.


Same here just got denied ive got it for like 10 years im pissed i will not go back to hr block


Same issue. Nobody knows anything.

Hr b.s. No more going to them.


We filed this evening & have filed with h & r for 4 years now. We always get the loan, but got denied this year too.

They said it was because they couldn't verify the ability to pay back. I know that is a load of b.s.!


I got the same message too! And no one can tell me why! Think this will be my last year with h and r block.


I just got the same text too. And I always got an advance. It was this government shutdown and I'll bet anything that was the case


Yes same thing happing to me, the last three years I’ve been accepted for Loan, but this year, it took 10hrs to get my decision and I was denied


Same exact thing happened to me I will not be back if I don’t get my loan. We have to spread this word it is happening to a lot of people.

@Michael Vera

I went there today and also got denied the reason was couldn't verified my credit