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The lady at the hr block office filled our paperwork out incorrectly, after we left the office we were discussing how we didn't get as much of a refund as last year I called her back and ask if she gave us all the right deductions and she said yes, everything is correct I had someone else look it over, so we just thought, ok. Anyhow the next day we got a call from them and she hadn't check a box right and that delayed our getting the two day refund so we had to wait 10 days but....

she also didn't do our eic right and cheated us out of 2000 and 120 from state.. so..... we had to go a week later to amend our form.. but to top it all off she told mu husnands brother when they went in to do their taxes..


I think not! But we were told everyone makes mistakes, sure would like the main number to hrblock!

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Sugar Land, Texas, United States #117307

Pretty simple to figure out. It's everywhere! 1-800-HR BLOCK

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