I used HR Block Deluxe Online edition to file my taxes last year and found out that they never sent it in! I didn't owe the state, nor did they owe me, so I assumed all was well until I found out THIS year that they wouldn't accept my state taxes due to LAST year's never having been successfully filed.

Would have been nice to know that, HR Block!

I spent a ridiculous ammount of time trying to fix this with customer service - not only did they refuse to refund me for the money I paid for my state taxes to not be done last year, but they were unable to do anything to rectify the issue. Apparently they delete everything on their end after a year and no matter how many records you've hung onto, they can't call them back up on their end. Irresponsible, wasteful, ***, and disrespectful.

So basically they took 40 dollars of my money, didn't do my taxes, and now I have to clean up their mess myself.

I'm never using them again and you shouldn't either, consumers! Go to TurboTax-they at least try to help customers when issues arise.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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