I had H&R block do my 2012 taxes in their Twinsburg, OH offices.They stuck my wife and I with a non-pro.

She had only 4 years experience and was not a certified tax accountant. When doing my City tax, one of my W-2 was for a workplace in a J.E.D.D. (A shared jurisdiction made up of more than one city). Instead of looking up the JEDD to make sure she had the correct tax rate, she entered it as only one of the three cities in the JEDD.

I told her this was wrong, it was a JEDD and had a different withholding rate than any of the three cities do individually, after all I had filled for that same JEDD the last 6 years, I should know. Without looking at how my 2011 return was done with this JEDD, which was also done by H&R block but a different accountant, She said, and I quote, "the software doesn't allow that, the system took it as the first city, so its fine". It wasn't right, I usually owed nothing for city, but this year I owed big, and will probably end up with some sort of an audit, or the city keeping money which they never should have gotten, because of this issue she caused, seemingly purposefully. I felt like the so-called tax pro didn't listen to me, and just didn't give a care about doing it right.

On top of this, we also had to wait over an hour, even with a scheduled appointment, because they were running behind and didn't have the common courtesy to call and tell us this fact. They decided it was better to waste our valuable time having us sit in their waiting room for over an hour. They refused to waive the $238 filing charge even though I told them I was not satisfied and thought our city returns were done incorrectly. I will never go back to H&R block, ever.

There "Satisfaction Guarantee" is not worth anything at all, cause it can't be invoked after your taxes are completed by them. I was not satisfied but still had to pay. I used to feel safer having the pros at H&R block do my taxes, but they aren't pros, they are less trained than you or I. It literally felt the same as having an untrained person punching my sensitive information into turbo tax, except TT is probably better at catching mistakes than this so-called tax-pro.

No I don't work for TT, but I have used the software before.

This was the Twinsburg, OH location on Vail CT.Her name is Susan, if they give you an appointment with her, run away, and quickly.

Monetary Loss: $468.


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