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I was told by the person who prepared my taxes that I would receive my tax refund "faster" if I used the H&R Block Emerald Card and that all I would have to do is take the card into my bank and tell the teller to transfer the money from my card to my checking acct.Found out by accident that not only will it cost me $25.00 to do so BUT if I wanted to do it free of charge, I'd have to fill out a form and fax it back to them requesting the xfer.

Then wait 5-7 days for the friggen money to be available to xfer.

***! I could have simply requested to have the money direct deposited to my checking account! They are basically holding your money hostage unless you use their card for purchases and request cashback all over the place.



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stay away from this H&R Block Emerald card scam they take money from you faster than your Banks do. There are so many hidden fees associated with this card they say there are free ATMs but there are not you will get charged $3 per transaction even though you use a free ATM this is the biggest scam I have ever run into


I just found out the h and r block/ Emerald had closed my account wth them from last year. I had my taxes put into the same account as last year and h and r block/emerald rejected the direct deposit because they closed my account now my return is going to take 5 extra weeks and I e-filed on Jan 30. Wth Emerald!


What is the maximum withdrawal on the card at one time?


Anyone with common sense knows that HRBlock does not control tax refunds the IRS does!


Go to bank and pull seven hundred out at a time it's a three dollar fee or get cash back at stores they don't charge u anything!!

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just go into a bank you can pull it all off for 5$ fee by using counter withdrawl


my husband and i filed married jointly..... i had it direct deposited into my sons ssi bank account......will my husband need be present to withdraw taxes? or can i alone ?


This card is not worth using believe me! it will cost you more than

what you get. They charge .85 cents per day, you do the math!!!

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Well I order the card for my Ssi check to be direct deposit into the card for every monthly payment and purchase so I can get the reward every month and to try to open up a savings account with them and even get a small loan I'm so glad that you told me guess so I will not try to open the account in the cardcome out on even activated can anybody help me to find Prepaid card for my Ssi check

to A desperate person need help #1106938

Wal-Mary prepayed card not the cheapest one it like $5 dollars and like $3mt use it it never done me wrong great card the debit card one it's black and I use it everywhere and can use it for anybuy u want just like bank debit

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