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I have been a customer for 3 years with H&;;;;;;;R Block. I have for the last 2 years received the Emerald Advance.

That is....until 2019. I had actually applied for the loan around Thanksgiving...denied. I went back with all info to do my taxes...denied again. Now, I do have student loans.

However, I am paying those back and have entered into a payment agreement. It is just so frustrating!!!!! I think next year..I will be going else where to do my taxes. Especially when I have seen a lot of the individuals that actually received the loan for the holidays.....not paying it back on time...if at all!!!!!!!

But are wanting the refund advance! Thanks H&R Block!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Hr Block Pros: Accountant who prepared my taxes.

Hr Block Cons: Axos bank.

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"payment agreement" Translation, previous past due balances on your accounts equals poor credit and a bad risk to them. They would be crazy to loan you anything.

You're quite pathetic in that you come here knowing full well why you were denied and still have the temerity to whine about it. Perhaps all the other dead beats you know got over on their loans and overloaded the system. It's funny, most people don't know other people who scam a system. If you know dead beats, you must be a serial dead beat too.

Going somewhere else won't help you. No matter where you go, your credit file will follow.

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