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I paid HR Block over $300 for "Peace of Mind" insurance when they did my 2011 taxes, and I'm still wrapped up in trying to get them fixed! A wasted $300, plus they messed up my taxes to the tune of $600 additional!

And I've had to work with 3 different people to try and fix the issue and it's still not fixed!


The phone customer service is infuriating, and most of their locations don't stay open outside of tax season, so when you find out that something was done wrong, you can't go back to the person who made the mistake. So you get passed around their system, each time starting from scratch.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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Why don't you just buy the TurboTax program, on CD, put on your computer, and do your own taxes? There is absolutely no reason to pay anyone hundreds of dollars to do something you can do yourself for about $60.

And, you can use the program to do other people/friends/relatives returns. Places like H&R Block use a computer program just like the TurboTax or other similar programs you can buy.

Don't be foolish. Save your money

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