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I had taken my taxes to a private guy. It turned out he was about 80 years old and never did my taxes even though I took them to him in Feb.

He dragged his ffet until the last minute and long story short I needed to have them done the same day and took them to H&R Block.What a joke. The guy that did my taxes knew nothing more than I did - and I knew nothing. He just followed the prompts on his computer, couldn't answer most of my questions, and was generally guessing at a lot of stuff. He was a nice guy but they charged me over $300 for basically doing what I could do at home.

I had actually started doing them myself before I took them but I didn't have the confidence that I had done them correctly. The refunds came out the same though - which tells me they didn't find anything I didn't. I have been using Turbo Tax online since then - and they prompt you for everything so you won't forget to deduct anything. I can do them just as easily for a lto less money there and I don't have to pay them until I know I can get it finished.

Anyway if you like throwing money to the fire, by all means, go to one of these tax services that employ Joe "Know Nothing" and let them steal from you too. If you don't want to do them yourself at least take them to an accountant - a decent one.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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Olympia, Washington, United States #601252

I've been using turbo for 10yrs and still don't understand why people still pay to have them done.

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