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In 2017 i received an IRS notice that there was a mistake on my 2015 taxes and that i owed about about 3000 more. They were prepared by HR Block and i was shocked there was a mistake.

I started using professionals as i had been filing online myself and had made some errors which had proved costly. Although i had not paid addtional for the Peace of Mind guarantee , i was sure that Block would pay the interest and penalties that had accumulated. I spoke to the head of the office in Temple Terrace who told me as much. He faxed the letter back saying we agreed there was a mistake and told me to wait for the next IRS letter saying exactly how much i owed, as i had gotten a refund that year.

After receiving next letter 6 months later, i had to search to find someone to followup with as that office was closed. One office told me no they couldnt help me because it was too long ago? What? (-found out later it was a franchise office ) Next office, after speaking to several people assured they could help me and submitted the claim for interest and penalties.

At one point that had me sign an IRS form but i was not sure what it was about as ut was just handed to me by yet another rep who said angela said you needed to sign this. The total owed to me was about 790$ and as i was going thru bankruptcy, it was vital i get tHIS check ASAP. After waiting weeks i finally called the offuce again to see what was taking so long. She looked at notes from claim iffice saying that were waiting to hear back from IRS to see if they would waive the penalty portion if the claim.

WHAT? Wait months for the IRS To get the money owed to me...that i needed desperately NOW? None of this was explained to me when claim was submitted, nor why i was signing the IRS form... this is all to save Block money.

THEY made the error and now i owe IRS 3300 that I should NOT owe because i went to tax professionals. And now they won,t even pay me the interest and penalties?. I am on a payment plan with the IRS to pay back my taxes 46$ monthly.

All because of HR Block. Totally disgusted by this company

Product or Service Mentioned: Hr Block Tax Preparation.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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