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I have been doing my taxes with this car for 20+ years. I have been getting the maximum amount every year on the advance.

This year within seconds of processing my information I was denied. I was told they have a new bank this year and wasn’t approved because I have an insufficient revolving credit....I have no credit cards. Apparently they don’t value their customers.

I was not the only one rejected or pissed.i spend upwards of $300 a year to have my taxes done. Good bye!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Hr Block Tax Return.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I have been my taxes with h and r block for several years. Ever year like clock work I get approved for emerald, but this year I didn't get approved.

Said something about e credit. I have no credit. But at least it's not bad. I pay 300 plus to get taxes done each year for basic taxes.

That's more than a bit pricy.

Think I'll be going somewhere else. And ad far as them making sure they get paid, they automatically take out of your taxes so don't see what the big deal is.


The Emerald Advance is a line of credit for one so they take into consideration your credit report. Sounds to me like you dont understand that sometimes your denied for a reason.

Would you lend to someone that was a risk and couldn't pay it back? Also you pay to file your taxes because it a service they provide to you at your office. You choose to file at hrb and pay those prices if your so bothered by the cost just learn how to file yourself or go to a different company.

It's really that easy. Also fyi the bank isnt new they just changed their name to Axos.


Spending $300 for a basic return is rather over-priced, is it not? In your case, you admit you have "insufficient revolving credit" and that seems to be the reason they rejected you.

This they can do legally. You have no real complaint against H&R---rules are rules and their bank sets the rules.