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I applied for advance loan and was denied.Due to credit rating; but rating has been the same for the past 5 years.

I have been with H&R Block for 12 years and have applied for the advance loans for the past 3 years. Many are looking forward to these loans especially during the holidays. I can imagine how many others that has been turned down at a time of need. Two other friends of mine were denied also.

I will not continue to deal with them at all. The sad part about this is that too are doing a credit inquiry so that adds to the problem also.

You can also have to many inquiries.If any one else has had this problem please use your voice.


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We were also denied for the 1st time, and we have been approved every year since they 1st started it. I believe the guy doing it screwed up real bad.


I was denied today because of an accidentally input of my SSN.I just think they should be able to go back in and easily fix any errors of information such as that without having to reset the whole application and have to wait 48 hrs.

But then too I understand why it's like that because of other things.I just hope mine will be able to get reset.


i applied for the emerald card advance in november 2013 and i was denied the tax preparer didnt know what she was doing and seem extremely nervous.and went on to say that maybe it was because i was unemployed at the time.

i wanted to say "lady" i've only been unemployed for a month. when she first input my info it said that i had no refund at all, only until she put in that i had a dependent did the screen show any refund. i work for 8 months last year and got a decent refund so how is it that working a whole year gets me less than this year return . i dont get it nor did she.

should have waited for my original tax guy .desperate diana shouldnt have listen to franic freeda


If you are mad about not getting the advance, and choose to go somewhere else next year....guess what??

they won't offer it at all!! So I guess that saves you from being upset. People shouldn't be counting on money that isn't guaranteed anyways. And KELLY: how is it your money?

you haven't even filed your taxes yet, for them to even take it!!!

YVETTE: it started Nov 28th, check the website...so if no one was there it was because it hadn't started yet.


wow i have been with H&R block for years and always got approved for the advance and this year was denied. wow what is up with that i will for sure be goin elswhere this year later H&R block.

to paul december 14,2011 #754144

Exactly, what has changed?If you have received every year.

I'm like you, nothing has changed in my line of credit. Now, just recently I've been receiving credit lines out this world for different department stores. I'm no longer with H&R Block. But guest what you'll I got audit the same year -2011.

The year that I left.Really!


I would like to know why no one can get in touch with H&R Block's bank to dispute the Denial codes that are wrong.Experian couldn't figure out the codes and the customer service person on the letter told me to reapply.

But when you try to reapply the prepares can't do anything because the bank denied you.I would like to know how H&R Block can get away with fraudulent claims when you can talk to anyone at the bank.

to Dissatified Customer Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States #579759

I went to get an emerald advance loan and was denied because i owed a delinquate balance but i called and thier was no balance i owed so i was instructed to go back and have the manager do a reset and that she is the only one who could. She said it will take 24 to 48 hours for her to fix, But now i have to wait because i had a balance but thier isnt one and that came from thier records. I dont owe nothing and it always comes out of my taxes every year if i do get an advance.


I have been going to HR Block for about 10 years!I also have had the Emerald Advance for the last two years....I was denied!

She said "too many inquiries"...UMMM NO! And credit or not, this is YOUR OWN money that they are giving you..it's not a matter or a hand out or not!

That money comes straight out of your taxes...at an interest rate...so to deny people there OWN money is just goofed up...but just as others above me have stated...I will save myself a few hundred bucks this year and WILL NOT be using HR BLOCK..it's a scam is all it is..she told me that everyone has been getting denied this year...she only had ONE person able to get the 1000 advance....my complaint with this...dont say you can offer people advances on THEIR OWN income tax money and then deny them...that's ***!Thanks for making me see the light and for saving me lots of money on tax preperation this year!!!!


I just got off the phone with an hr block customer service agent!She stated that if you do not file in the office the prior year then you will get be approved!

Even tho we were approved last year and filed our taxes online and the advance was paid in full on time since we do not file in the offie we could not be approved!!!wow!!!

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