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I had fraud of $2,600 and they basically are calling me a liar implying that I took my own money off of my card or had some body else do it. I filed a police report and that still didn't help and they closed my case and denied it.


it's unfair the way they have handled this and they could care less. An honest person is getting robbed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hr Block Emerald Prepaid Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Someone tried to do the same to me! They tried charging a total of $1225 at some clothing store overseas.

Joke was on them though, since I only had 34 cents on my card.

I got a new card and everything. Well, turns out that, even though these jerks never got at my money H&R still denied my claim.


The same thing happened to my husband and I. Someone stole 2200 off my husband's card while he was at work.

We immediately called to cancel it and filed a fraud claim.

We provided his time sheet to prove it and they still denied the claim. Was yours stolen from an atm?


I had a card with a different # pop up on my account and they went to 3 ATMs and stole about 1500 from me. After first 2 transactions I called and they said they closed the card used but a hour later 2 more transactions went through with the same card #.

Did fraud report and card finally closed on 28th of February. Charges made on 2-27-2019. Same day as refund was added to card. This person in possession of the unauthorized card knew and got money before I even knew refund was on card.

Then March 5th I had another card number show up on my account and it was used to remove another 500 from my account. No one can answer how unauthorized cards get on my account. Called after the period they told me to wait and was told first. Claim was denied and full investigation was done.

Noone called me (though I was told investigator would be in touch) since I could prove I wasn't using card. Make matters worse they can't or won't tell me investigator name, company name or even there number. Been waiting on them to contact me with no word. I had to call 5 times spend hours on phone and hung up on 3 times just to reach a person who would tell me times of transactions.

I faxed my info showing it wasn't me with no response yet. Help. Anyone have any advice. I need my money back.

Elinor D. South Carolina


I knew I wasn't the only one going through this. I have contacted 3 news stations about this but haven't heard back. I know we don't know eachother but if we all get together maybe we can make something happen!


Same thing to me up to 1400


same exact thing happened to me...noat definitely should make it public...there getting away with taking so muvh money that's not there's


yes it showed the transactions were from 4 different atm's actually. I've done everything I could including a police report.

I have no idea how else they want me to prove it to them. people scam for a freaking living!

I have no idea how they did it because I had my card on me not to mention knew my pin number. It's mind blowing and H&R block could care less and has given me the run around and I'm sorry but I'll continue to bash them for this because it's horrible how they have handled it.