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I've been going to H&R Block for the last 11 years. However this year and last year have been by far the most horrible expierences ever.

Last year they messed up my taxes and cost me a $1000.00 not to mention that i paid to have my return back in 2 days and it was more like a week and 4 trips to their office. Wanting to give them the benefit of the doubt I went back again this year.

I obvisouly wasn't thinking straight, because again this year I am having issues with them filing my return. I'm losing all faith in this company and I won't be compensated for anything either.

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ITS FALSE ADVERTISING and FALSE PROMISES. I think a class action lawsuit is appropriate!


I use the software that they ship to my home. I paid an additional amount to get the refunds faster, however I paid AGAIN in vain.

It takes no less time to do it this way than it would have for me to mail it on for free.

Further, I had an amendment on one and have no idea what is up with it. It says it was accepted, but I cant find it.

I can do my taxes for free elsewhere from now on.


To add to Grimes comment. Were you in a office in OKC?

The reason I asked is because the Receptionist did the same thing to me, writing my name incorrectly, even after giving her my social security card, they didn't even have a copy machine to make a copy of my unemployment compensation W-2, the person would did my taxes gave it to the Receptionist to copy on the fax machine. She returned to the same room in the back to bring my form back and she was looking at it as she came back, and then came around the table to where the person was preparing my taxes and stood over him looking at my tax information. I kindly took my form from her and explained that what was going on there was "my business" and I didn't care to share.

I also was denied the loan after being accepted for it in past years. I paid H&R Block their last $400.00.


H&R Block has been an awful experience and I have learned my lesson. Upon going in to the office to file because my wife wanted someone we could speak to if something went wrong, we were asked our names and the receptionist commenced to write my wife's name wrong.

We than had a "tax officer" invite us to a small back room where another woman sat at a desk listening to all of our personal information. What should have taken a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes to do and explain took 1hr and a half as the snow continued to accumulate outside. When the taxes were finally prepared we chose the Ral 2day loan however it was not explained to us that HANDRBLOCK deals with HSBC bank and their criteria for loan approvals is very strict. Previously we had delt with another tax firm for yrs and never had any issues as they dealt with Republic Bank.

What HandR Block DOES IS DECEPTION. They never ask you how your credit is or tell you that your chances of approval depend on your cedit rating. Once you file with them it's too late and they know that. Its like a snare.

I could have efiled on line and had my refund back in 8 to 15 days but instead I went into the office and had my taxes prepared, paid 320 and have to wait 8 to 15 days. This is ridiculous.

Please save yourself the headache. If I can save one person from this mess I have done my job as a human being.


H & R Block does nothing more than run a *** game. :eek :upset :( :(

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