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I had my refund put on an emerald card this year. BIG MISTAKE!

While I was at work on the 9th i received 8 text messages that someone had used an atm and withdrew $2,200 from my account.

I immediately called and reported it to the fraud department and to shut my card off.

I had used my card at the counter at a gas station 12 minutes before i clocked into work at 2:28. I still had the card in my posession.

On the 16th I sent the fraud department my written statement and my time sheet from my work showing I was at work during the time all the charges were made. I received a letter today from H&R Block dated the 16th which was a Saturday!! Stating after a full investigation they have denied my claim because I was in possession of my card at the time also because card user entered the pin without error. Full investigation my a##! They sent me the letter the same day i sent my documents to them at 1:30 in the afternoon on a Saturday! Also they said when I initially called them to report fraud that someone from the fraud department would contact me within 24 hrs to get my verbal statement, the next day I called they said wait 72 hrs. I called again they said wait 5 business days. I never once heard from them or anyone else from H&R Block about my case until I received this letter today.

Now please tell me HTH can I be in 2 places at once, and the chargeswere 5 minutes apart and from different atms?? This makes no sense to me how they can keep my money when I have such valid evidence I was robbed and at work at the time.

They won't even tell me which gas station atms took my money so I can file a police report, obviously Iwant my money back that was stolen from me but I also want the pos store or person to be held accountable. What if it happens to someone else and it could have been stopped.. Not sure what to do now. Any suggestions would be great.


Product or Service Mentioned: Hr Block Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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They are doing same thing to me yet I haven't been denied yet but after reading all of these testimonies Its not sounding like it's in my favor


Next time take a check. I don't trust all of these cards and money schemes these days.

Take a paper check drawn on The Treasury of the United States of America and be safe. I'm sorry that doesn't help you now, but you'll never make the same error twice.