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we received a loan in December for a line of credit and the employee said we had 2 ways to pay it off 1 is pay it off when we receive our income tax the second was a monthly payment taken from the emerald card because we direct deposit our paycheck on the card. so we went with the monthly payment right off our card each month no hassle of having to remember to pay them back for the loan.

well it went well for the first 2 payments until today when my wifes check was withdrawn by them to pay back the loan 700 dollars of it with a balance of 918 dollars left to pay on the loan which they claim any other money deposited on the card will be taken 2 until the loan is satisfied. they did this with no warning we are a disabled family and live paycheck to paycheck. we have 5 kids the youngest requires extensive medical treatment. my wifes check was putting food on the table and paying bills like our auto insurance and gasoline to drive to Dr's and school.

what i cant believe is they would take her whole check even though its been deposited twice a month for the past 7 months on there card. i could see maybe if they took half but the whole thing talk about being cruel to its customers and its not us that will suffer from this its the kids so thank you h&r block for rendering our car underivable so we cant legally drive it or put gas in it. thank you for our son missing appointments and thank you for making me beg for food to feed my family. THANK H&R Block For Hurting OUR Children.

i hope your CEO enjoys his dinner because to night i go with not.

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No one held a gun to your head! You thought it was great when you received the cash-now pay it back.


This Emerald Advance program is easily my worst consumer experience I have had in my life. This program is a huge black eye for the H&R Block company.

I have done my personal as well as both of my business returns with H&R Block for the last 13 years. I have always received great service and am pleased with my treatment on the tax preparation side of the business. Unfortunately, I will not be able to give my business to them any more because of there abusive and exploitive Emerald Advance program. If this program was honestly explained to me, I would have never signed up.

The agents are instructed to call you prior to the holidays and tell you that you can get money now if you are anticipating a refund. Once you get your refund, you will give the money back and be assessed a $65.00 fee. What they don't tell you is they are also attaching a percentage rate that is set the highest possible that is designed for the worst credit abusers with the highest risk in the system. The also make the balance due conveniently a month or more before you can even file your taxes let alone get your refund.

They proceed to pay off the balance out of your refund and try to make you carry the rest of the refund on the card as well. They will tell you that this is the only way the system will allow the preparer to proceed. This is an egregious lie and extremely illegal. This goes against the fair consumer credit act.

After they pay off the balance, they conveniently let a few days lapse so the balance can accrue more interest so they can assess an additional late payment or non payment fee. I am very disappointed with H&R Block's rapid decline in integrity and disregard for its clients. If you need money, you will be better off going with your car title and getting a 45% title loan. At least they are honest about the fact that they are going to steal from you up front.

I have filed a complaint with the FTC and am investigating the possibility of a class action law suit for unfair practices. Unfortunately, my current attorneys are for real estate so I have an appointment for the credit attorney for next week. Remember they can not bill this as a prepaid card and also charge interest. I am sure they will find a creative way around this fact as they are very sneaky and clever.

Please do not allow yourself to get caught in this quick sand. There are other preparers like Jackson Hewitt that will do just as well of a job for the same price.


Quit depending on loans for christmas presents!!! Its is not H & Rs fault that you don't have money for christmas............

to ............. Mcloud, Oklahoma, United States #582782

you are an *** to the person who said do not depend on loans for Christmas!! Well if you use a credit card *** you are depending on a loan..

to ............. #799819

They lie and tell you it isn't a loan, but an advance on money that you are owed from excess taxes paid in! They will bold face tell you there is no interest and only a fee to process the payment. Don't defend crooks!


I made an appointment for the advance on Tuesday when I went in someone had already submitted an app in my name and was denied!!! My name home address everything was submitted by someone other than myself.

I was shook now we don't have the $$ and I was told to sit tight for 3 days wtf?

Ten years of loyalty and they leaked my number last year almost lost my return to a fishing scam last year! Thanks h&r block for helping aide our terrorist activity and for stealing Christmas from America!


payed all the costs just to find out i coulda gotten it done for free an gotten it back in the same amount of time RAL my A double S


i have been with hr block for 20 years getting my taxes done and am disappointed because they said when i done taxes on jan 21 st that my deposit for the emerald cardm would be loaded on feb 1st and still not there? i will go to turbo tax next year and didnt get hardly nothing back because of no dependent. that sucks!!


I have been going to H&R Block for several years, and I went this year in search of the emerald advance, and was denied....WTF??? I normally use this advance as a way to have extra cash for Christmas.

Boy did they really screw me! I was denied, and everytime I have ever got the advance it was repaid w/ refund.

to ***ed off 2 the Highest! #1444904

They go by your credit not by how long you have used them or how much you get back in taxes


I received the H&R Block Emerald Advance LOC for 3 years and this year I was denied. H&R has been doing my taxes for the last 5 years.

I am not sure what criteria they are using this year and most people are getting denied. I was told by the H&R rep it is VERY hard to get this year and only one person who came in was approved.


I have worked for hr block and not received the loan what has to be realized here is that your counting on a loan not your actual refund It is a loan though hsbc bank or it was last time I tried for a loan I do not agree that if you did not file personally you are not allowed apply for the emerald advance but it is after all a bank


h r block emerald advacne is a scam i will no longer support that organization

to you #799821

I agree! Thank you!


I feel bad for the people that been wit h and r block for so long they dont care about your loyal,good luck to h and r block customers :cry


I always. Use h&r block never try for the advance but this Tim I will hope I get it :) ;) :)


After reading all your comments let me inform you if IRS keeps your money, the line of credit will not be paid off. Hr Block is kind enough to loan money out in times of need, and no matter what there will always be a few people that are not satisfied with this service but let’s be logical there are millions of people satisfied just like myself.

Their reps are very knowledgeable and regardless of how new they are they go through three months of training and are the most reliable when it comes to IRS matters.

I am not making a battle out of this and I do sympathize with all your bad experiences, but I do have to mention HR BLOCK ALWAYS GIVES ME PEACE OF MIND.. thanks :)

to info me #799823

Well said from the CEO of H&R Block! Good Job!


I been going to H&R Block to do my taxes for the past years and also got the emerald advance last year. This year I figure to get the emerald advance since it has been a rough year for us.

I thought I would get it but to my surprise I was DENIED. My tax refund would be almost $5,000 so why would they deny me when they would get the repayment from my tax return.

Now, what am I to do for the holidays? Looks like I won't be going to H&R Block this year to do my taxes..I wonder how many clients H&R Block will loose because of DENYING most or all of their loyal clients the emerald advance :(


H&R Block values are declining and I will advice ALL Clients to make sure you know who is doing your taxes.

Corporate is not hiring a lot of experience Tax Preparers this year and bringing NEW People with 0 experience.

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