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I recieved a letter with a plastic card included with information about the H&R Block Emerald Advance. Which, yes on approved credit, based on what your antisapated tax return will be, will loan you up to $1000.

I brought all the information and papers needed to my H&R Block agent. I was told to antisapate a return of $8,470.00. How ever my loan was denied within 2 seconds of my agent pressing the send button.

My agent said (I quote) "I'm sorry your loan wasn't approved. It's sad 80% of the loans aren't. I've only had one approved that I have done. People get their hopes up and well...you should get your w-2's soon."


Why even bother to waste the paper and plastic cards with loans % like that!!!

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I too was denied yesterday after being approved ever since they started doing it!I depended on that loan and paid my bills off thinking i'll have the 1,000 for christmas for my kids but i guess i was way wrong!!!

my credit isn't even bad i just have too many student loans out that are not even being paid yet because i am a college student this is rediculous!

my guy told me i can call and explain and they would approve it and it would go through their system bs it's an automatic response system i'll be filing my large tax return from my home this year they are not getting a penny of my money!!!how can they deny 1000 if you're expected to receive at least 7000 back in feb?!


I too did my taxes through h&r block online and got denied because I didn't use h&r block.It shouldn't make a difference!

I have used them for years and have got this loan every other year when I needed it and have always paid it back on time. So much for Christmas.

Guess i'll be using turbo tax from now on.Block apparently don't want to make anymore money off of me.


I went to get an emerald advance today, and they tell me that I'M DENIED b/c of my credit. I was approved last year for the advance, its our money that we worked for and eventually they will get it back once our taxes is done!! Well good luck to them, they won't be collecting our money.

One question: Will H&R Block deduct our refund to pay whatever we owe on our credit?


i went to get it today and was denied after 9years of filing i will not be going back.


There was no clue in my mind that i was going to be denied for the Emerald Advance, i was approved in 2010 and I have filed with h&r block for over 5 years.My estimated refund will be about 5000.00 this year but they told me because I did not make over 10000.00 is why i was not approved.

Sad and a bummer I think the Block needs to be alot more clear when applying for this, maybe even tell people its not a good thing to rely on.H&R block charges alot of fees to file, but they wont be getting my fees this year or anymore years to come.


i have been a client of h&r block for the past 4 years and i am usually approved for the advance but this year when i really needed it after being hurt on the job i was denied for credit reasons.i didnt really understand this since i actually paid off somethings on my credit report.

im no lawyer, bank,accountant or genius but if you send notices to h&r block clients for an advance line of credit because we are h&r block clients requirement number one and we are going to file with you the same as we did the year before that and the year before that why would you deny such faithful clients for an advance. i have read and reread the requirements to make sure im not mistaken and im not as i read them 1 h&r block client 2 made at least $10,000 3 last 2 check stubs yet i sit here with a denial letter.

so if youre gonna call it a line of credit for your clients then make it so because other than that its just a loan and anyone should be able to apply.remember we are in a recession your clients know this everyday we live and breathe and work and we dont like being mislead about our money because you all dont do our taxes for free and thats money we could keep to ourselves!


if my wages have already been attatchedfor a student loan that i did not defer on will I be denied the advance on my taxes? I to have been counting on this money all year long to give my grandchildren a decent christmas.


noone get your hopes up for this loan.

HR block has done our taxes every year for the past 9 years with the exception of several years ago when we went to another agency.

Last year we did our taxes on HR Blocks web stie. We did the take it out of our taxes option where the recieved our taxes, took our fees out, cut and mailed us a check.

This year we attempted to do the emerald loan. They denied us BECAUSE we did it online line last year DESPITE THE FACT HR BLOCK STILL DID THE TAXES AS IT WAS THEIR SITE THAT DI IT.

HR Block has lost a loyal customer.

EVERY year we take our w-2 to them and they do it and pay them the exhorbitant fees to get our taxes teh same day.

HR Block will NEVER touch our taxes again in any way, shape, form, or fashion. I will now pay someon twice the money and wait twice as long if necessary to get my taxes to keep away from HR Block.

Everyone is the world should leave HR Block banks and anything associated with them for this injustice. With this being how they treat their loyal customers, I would HATE to see their treatment of NEW customers!


I recently went to apply for the $1,000 advance from the H & R Block emerald card like I have done ever since they started this idea.I could not believe that I was denied although I have enough of a return to cover this loan and it gets deducted automatically once the money comes in.

Now they say that our credit history is a factor in deciding if we qualify for the loan or not. My credit has been the same for several years and I was never denied. I am a single mother and live from paycheck to paycheck meaning that I anxiouly wait for this time of the year in order to buy my son his gifts for Christmas and his birthday which also falls in December. Unfortunately, I live on a very tight budget so putting money aside from every paycheck is not possible for me.

I am devastated about the income of this years application. I do not know what to do about my son. I feel terrible because I will not be able to do anything for my son this year. Is there anything that can be done about this?

Can someone please advise?Help!!!!

Deperately seeking money.WNY,NJ


Got denied for the advance today..After being approved for the last 3 years with no problem.I was told by the Rep that credit requirements were stricter this year because of the recession.

So the banks aren't as giving as before.

Well they should say credit will be a factor and not jusbring in a paystub.I think ill do my own taxes ..save money,time,gas and the all hassle.


Six people including myself went and did the advance this year and all of us got denied with the same three denial reason isnt that weird i think its a glitch but what do i tell hr block??


We go through MONTHS of re-schooling and update classes EVERY year.They do not hire without schooling or experience.

Yes, we have 1st year tax specialists, but they have went through months of classes. Next time do some research. Ask questions about the tax specialist and if you aren't comfortable, find someone else. We are not button pushers, considering 90% of our schooling is done by hand.

I still prefer to do returns by hand over the computer, but it is called evolution.Some people, like me, take pride in my job and feel offended by hearing slander like this.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #380786

For the last 10 years I've had my taxes prepared by HR BLOCK. The years 2007 thru 2009 I was able to receive the EMERALD ADVANCE LOAN but in 2010 I was denied. Will BLOCK use the same formula in 2011 that they used in 2010 to qualify people for the EMERALD ADVANCE LOAN?


did it last year does anyone know if h and r block is doing the advanced loan and which offices are doing it in the swanton/st albans vermont area

Nelson, Nebraska, United States #374913

H&R block is doing the loan the year startin Nov. 30th


Does anyone know if h r block is doing the loan this year and when?


My husband and I have gone to H&R Block for many years.I had no problem with them until the last 2 years 2007-2009 tax filing.

In 2007 my husband sold stock from his company and we had to claim that on our taxes as usual. Everything seemed fine until I got a letter in the mail stating that we owed the IRS almost 5000.00..Wow, They *** who filed our taxes claimed our stock twice on our return. I took it back to them to have it fixed and they had no idea what they had done. It still was not fixed by the time we filed our 2008 taxes and the IRS took most of our refund.

We had paid for the Peace of Mind. What kind of Peace of Mind do you get when you pay the extra 30 dollars for it. I did not get our full refund until July of 2009. It was one battle after another, no one telling us the same thing twice, it changed from moment to moment.

I think its very wrong of them to tell me that I had to wait 2-4 weeks to get the penalty and intrest paid back when i took it to them to do to make sure that I was done right because "They got people" not use. Then again I took it back this year."Very ***" choice to it took over 2 hours to do my taxes. I had to tell the agent how to file my taxes as well. When you have a problem they tell you sorry but nothing we can do.

How does this work.

I have worked in customer service and had I or the companies I have worked for treated their customers in such a way they would not be in buisness and I wouldn;t have a job..Very poor customer service..


i have gotten the loan three years in a row...they wont do it the first time you apply though from what im told...you have to have them do your taxes one year i guess and then try for the loan the next


Is tax pro another word for flunky or loser that has no clue.I will bet you or anyother employee has had no formal tax prep, training, law and rule education.

By formal I do not mean a 2 to 10 day train class on how to push buttons. I mean a formal education which would also have requirments continuing education. You really should quit speculating one something unless you have first hand knowledge of the consumers comment.

This means only if you were present at the time he or she came in a particular location or read his or her file.Unless you have a degree by an accredited (by a reconized accredation board or association) college or university your words are meaningless.


People at H&R block do not know what they are doing.They are just button pushers.

The will charge you to file out you taxes and you can go online and do it for free ON H&R BLOCK website. Is that not ironic. I went in last night and tried to get my taxes done and the H&R block employee keep typing in the wrong information and I had to point it out. Every year it gets worse.

I was there over an hour. I find out at the end the fee which was over $300.00. I said okay. Then he punched some more buttons and told me I could have the money put on a card or a check.

THE CHECK WAS $20.00 extra. OMG!!!! I told them to forget the whole thing. I went home and did my taxes myself my figures were exactly them same as his.

But it only took me 10 or 15 minutes. Guess what it was done one H & R Block website for FREE. I should have my refund directly in my bank account within 10 days. I did the same thing last year and I had it in five days.

H & R Block is a rip-off and the employees (MOST) do not even know what they are talking about. He did not even know that the first time home buyers credit worksheet had to mailed in. I informed him and he said let me check with my boss about that. Guess what , I was right.

Imagin that. If I did not correct him on other things he would have screwed up my return, if I would have let them submit it. H & R BLOCK IS A RACKET and do not know what they are doing other than stealing money from people who really need it. Rest assured I will not ever go back.

Does H & R Block even have a cpa at the locations??


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