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I recieved a letter with a plastic card included with information about the H&R Block Emerald Advance. Which, yes on approved credit, based on what your antisapated tax return will be, will loan you up to $1000.

I brought all the information and papers needed to my H&R Block agent. I was told to antisapate a return of $8,470.00. How ever my loan was denied within 2 seconds of my agent pressing the send button.

My agent said (I quote) "I'm sorry your loan wasn't approved. It's sad 80% of the loans aren't. I've only had one approved that I have done. People get their hopes up and well...you should get your w-2's soon."


Why even bother to waste the paper and plastic cards with loans % like that!!!

Monetary Loss: $1000.


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Los Angeles, California, United States #597949

I don't understand why people get so ticked off.This is a loan from A BANK!!!!

If you walked into your own bank and tried to get a loan with bad credit, would you still feel the same way?????Stop blaming H&R Block for your bad credit. and PS they have checked credit for YEARS! They are just putting more stock into it. My husband was pre approved this year and we have HORRIBLE credit.

All we had to do was go in sign a couple of papers. They didn't even check and see if we were getting any money back. As for 80% of people not getting it where do you live ?????? Cause I know tons of people that got the LOAN this year.

It just completely cracks me up that people blame a BANK for not getting a loan.:grin

to Anonymous Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States #658319

Actually you are wrong.This is not a traditional loan that is subject to credit approval like loans from other banks.

Your tax return can be used to pay this back.

I use it every year for Christmas and I have not once been denied AND my credit is shakey at best.Just sayin'....you are wrong.

to Jimmy #766965

Actually your the one who is wrong. The GOVERNMENT stopped refund anticipation loans a couple years ago! It's called Emerald Advance Line of Credit now.

to Jimmy Stephenville, Texas, United States #926832

Actually not wrong.They even tell you that the bank checks credit.

We get over 8,000 back every year and never qualify for the loan. But we both have *** credit, so I can't be mad.

And yea last year we were told the same...less than 20% qualify, usually because they didn't work the full year, as was my case 2 years ago.That's the insufficient cash flow code people are talking about.

to mccrimm #1073125

H&r block confirmed that anticipation loans are no longer allowed and that it is traditional loan that you have the "option" to pay with your tax return you don't "have" to. So yes you are wrong

to Anonymous Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #764702

what about us that have A1 credit and get denied? HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!

to Anonymous #1247754

If you would read the comments... no it dosent just go by credit!

Lafayette, Louisiana, United States #583043

How much u have to make to get the loan ??????


I have always been approved for the Emerald Advance.However, if your student loans are delinquent and show up on your credit report that loan may not be approved.

That's the reason mine was not. It makes sense though if the government is going to take the student loan. How does H&R Block know they will get their money back.

Listen sometimes in life there is another door the blessing needs to come through.Just be encouraged and trust The MOST High who is also known as Jehova Jireh.

to Soneta Phoenix, Arizona, United States #597883

You claim your always approved and then you say you were denied!!! Which is it? Looks like your student loans are a waste of money and time!!

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