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I recieved a letter with a plastic card included with information about the H&R Block Emerald Advance. Which, yes on approved credit, based on what your antisapated tax return will be, will loan you up to $1000.

I brought all the information and papers needed to my H&R Block agent. I was told to antisapate a return of $8,470.00. How ever my loan was denied within 2 seconds of my agent pressing the send button.

My agent said (I quote) "I'm sorry your loan wasn't approved. It's sad 80% of the loans aren't. I've only had one approved that I have done. People get their hopes up and well...you should get your w-2's soon."


Why even bother to waste the paper and plastic cards with loans % like that!!!

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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The H & R block tax refund loan is just that.It is not guaranteed.

I usually get it, but I NEVER depend on it. If you are routinely getting that much back, you need to fix the amount being withheld on your paycheck. you are giving the government a loan. The cards in the mail are just like ads from car, cable, and credit card companies...mass mailings to bring people in.

They don't mean you will be approved.Changes like marriage/ divorce/ a new kid/ lower credit can mean you won't get it because your taxes may be different or you may be a credit risk now.

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shame on hr block


I went this year too and I got denied because I pay my bills off too fast. The rep told me I need to pay them off slowly that's how u establish credit. That's the most dumb thing I ever heard


all of us need to file our taxes somewhere else this year and they will see how it feels. if noone uses the loan at tax time maybe they will think before they get our hopes up.


I have 2 children ages 14 & 9.Ive always enjoyed getting the things they put on their list and a few more items as a surprise.

This is the 11th year ive filed with HRBlock and the 4th Ive applied for EA so when I was denied today you can imagine how unprepared Im feeling right now. I just got married this year to a man Ive been with for 13 years and he has decided to become a loser so as soon as Christmas is over Im seeking a divorce, I lost my job this year and have been working part time for the local school board (huge decrease in pay), then Im denied because my projected income is too low. Im getting back est $8,000 but HRblock denies me anyway.

THIS IS TERRIBLE!!!I guess the lesson here is "always have a backup plan!!!!"


My husband and I were aproved for the whole 1000 this year it was 900 on the card by the time we left the office. 55 goes on after a few days 45 was the price of the loan, so some people do get it with no issues :zzz


:? i am so nervous to go try this.I have been doing this for years as well.

My credit is ok but could be better.Like everyone else this money would be a blessing and not to mention its money we work for...


I went to HR block for the cash advance like I do every year and after puttin all my info in she says you were denied because you are not any HR block cust..I said I come every year and am approved(also had the letter they send out with my name on it) so she turns the screen so I can see and I see some random name at the top and I ask her who is that, she says that's not your name uhhh no you have my I.D in your hand so needless to say she used someone elses name and my info so my S.S # and birthday are attached to someone else and when she went back to try to fix it ,it just kicked me out..after waiting all day to find out if it could be fixed she calls and says don't wait for any money cause it gonna take days to be fixed and am not sure if it will even work. While telling her boss what happened she says but why didn't she tell me that wasn't her name she sat right there why I put it in.really wtf she blamed it on me ...way to treat your loyal cust !! Awesome HR BLOCK


:cry goo to *** hr block :(


Thanks for the heads up, but I dont understand why would they even mail out the papers getting my hopes up?Glad my kids know im a hard working single parent who income tax check belong to them after i catch up with the bills!

So my x-mas tree will be up till i get my refund and im getting it done at the federal building for free!!!So long h&r block I need all my money every penny!!!

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