At H&R Block a guarantee is not guaranteed

Watch out if you use H&R Block. The company's "guarantee" is just a lure to get your business. I don't know how many creative "reasons for denial" they have ready to toss at claims under their guarantees, but they're quick to whip out a few and throw them at you, no matter how preposterous.

My experience relates to the H&R Block "Peace of Mind Guarantee," under which H&R Block will back a return it prepared if audited. My tax preparer signed an agreement stating that H&R Block "covers additional taxes that could be assessed (up to $5,000) because of our error and audit representation if your return is audited by a taxing authority."

After I was audited and additional taxes were assessed (only $725), H&R Block told me to pay the IRS, and they'd process the paperwork.

Over the next ten months, I made numerous phone calls which ended in runarounds and no callbacks. I wrote letters. I sent registered letters. I filed a Better Business Bureau complaint.

Here's what I got: three bogus "reasons for denial," restated over and over again as if the company couldn't hear me refuting the ridiculous defenses. Okay, H&R Block did send me a check"”for $47 !!! I sent it back, laughing, but disgusted.

The "reasons for denial" are so absurd they're not worth listing, but the whole sordid affair is documented with links to actual correspondence here: http://bobarno.com/thiefhunters/2011/09/hr-block-reneges-on-promise/

The funny thing is, after I made the scam public by posting all the details, H&R Block sent me an email saying "I am pleased to inform you that the Peace of Mind claims department has reconsidered your claim for year 2008 and has approved it for payment."

Wait. What happened at all the other "reconsiderations," when H&R Block bluffed me with "we do not believe that any further response on our part would be beneficial." and later "The client's Peace of Mind claim has been reviewed and has received a final denial…"

So now, finally, they admit my claim was legitimate, had merit, and I am entitled to reimbursement.

The big question is: why did I have to fight so long and so hard for what H&R Block guaranteed in writing from the start? This is unethical business. Like, just say no and don't answer, they'll eventually go away and we won't have to pay.

Should we consumers have to fight for what we are entitled to? For what a company promises us?

When H&R Block finally wrote to say that my claim had been approved and it would pay what it had originally promised, I'd spent ten months trying to get the company's attention. I hired a lawyer. I had expenses. I lost hours and hours of productive work time. Now, in my opinion, H&R Block owes me more than the original amount it could have paid in a timely manner had it not tried so hard to squirrel out of paying. H&R block should reimburse my legal fees and expenses, and compensate me for the time it took me to get the company to stand by it's own agreement.

Since I told H&R Block that, it has once again gone silent. Again, I guess, hoping I'll just wear myself out and slink away empty-handed.

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If I'm not mistaken, you signed an agreement when applying for the Emerald Card stating that you would allow H&R Block to do your taxes this year even if you get denied.

It leaves a hard inquiry on your credit report, and I also thought it was like filing your taxes almost they see how much your getting back. But it's not like that, it's a loan,it's a SCAM!!!

Kansas City, Missouri, United States #623182

When is the feds going to arrest and shut down illegal business? They lie to their customers and then deny it when their caught.

Repulsive workers a disgrace in America!

I smell a big class action lawsuit. If u have a problem and call corporate so uneducated and rude right out of the projects.


i feel your pain.Block has denied me due to the ïnitial notice "clause of 60 days. I didnt get my initial notice until it was copied and placed in the 2nd notice, about 4 months later.

So they wont pay the guarantee..

but i do intend to use the arbitration.. It's not over yet!!

to duped by HR block Oakland, California, United States #1132936

where you able to fight this case as the same has happened to me. I believe that I responded immeadiately when the letter arrived - however HR Block are saying that I received a notice prior to the one I informed them on.


If I knew you personally I would have advised you not to go there. I'm a former employee of theirs and none of that surprises me.

The Peace of Mind Guarantee is a ripoff and they will think of ANY reason not to honor it. It's just another $29 for them (or maybe it costs more now?).

Go get yourself a decent tax preparer who is in business for him/herself. It's worth it to pay the money to a private individual as opposed to going thru all the "Blockheaded" hassle you will experience.

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