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H&R Block reimbursed us the amount that the IRS wanted us to pay them. So relieved that they did the right thing. Thank you H&R Block for holding up your part of the bargain.

Original review posted by user Jul 28, 2016

I've been filing my taxed with H&R for 2 two years (2014 and 2015). I went to them because of all their promises of standing by their work and doing everything correctly.

They even have you pay extra (about $35) to get "Peach of mind" insurance- that if there is an issue and you get audited they pay for their mistakes and whatever we owe the IRS. Well I received a letter from the IRS stating that I did not claim state reimbursement from 2013 on my 2014 taxes. How can this be?? I went to H&R trusting that they are doing my taxes correctly.

I get the person doing the taxes everything they needed. This person even remembers putting in the information that IRS is saying wasn't claimed. Mind you H&R doesn't make copies of all the forms you submit to them except for W-2s. So I take my letter into one of their "corporate" offices that are open year round and the person who helps me there doesn't seem to know what she's doing, she isn't really concerned with my issue and just says all the "right" things as if she is reading it from a training manual.

She makes copies of the letter from IRS and says she needs to file a claim with the H&R claims department and they will decide whether or not my claim is valid and if they are going to pay IRS. Why did I pay extra for this peace of mind insurance if they're not going to follow through?? Long story short, it takes this person a full week to finally file my claim and I am told it could take up to 4-6 weeks to get a response from the claims department. The IRS does not give you that long to respond.

They give you 30 days from the date on the letter they send you. I even spoke to a manager at this office and she was also unconcerned and unsympathetic. She said I'd have to pay the IRS and then maybe H&R would reimburse me. And then later she said that maybe I should call IRS and ask for an extension.

And even later I was told that they could call IRS on my behalf to explain the situation if we neared the IRS deadline. So now I'm in debt of $880 (which includes interest) and I'm told I need to wait until claims department reviews my claim. I don't know what else to do at this point except give them as many negative reviews as I can and hope they do the right thing.

I recommend not going to H&R and finding someone else to do your taxes. If you are going to use H&R, demand they make copies of everything.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hr Block Tax Preparation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $880.

Preferred solution: Refund of my original fees I paid to get taxes done and for the Peach of mind insurance and for H&R to pay the $880 I owe IRS for not doing my taxes correctly, plus any extra interest I incur after the IRS deadline. .

Hr Block Cons: Process for filing claim, Customer service at corporate office.

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This is almost exactly like what happened to us except it was completely their fault. We had SSDI documents that said we had to pay taxes and the H&R lady said no and brushed it off.

Then a year later we owe over $1000 in penalties. Their claim process is gonna be one sided and I’d be surprised if it actually pays out more than it “covers their *** when it’s their mistake.


I got a letter from IRS sayning they received my taxes owed but not my return. When I contacted the office about this issue, they told me my return was accepted and couldn't understand the problem.

Later H&R called me back and couldn't find my return in their system.

So I gave them a copy of my return and HR now informs me that because they didn't have a record of payment my taxes were never filed. If there was some error in payment why did they just contact me right away and avoid this hassle?


For Mike, I'm assuming an H&R Block lackey downvoted it, as it told the truth. Everything you said was spot on.


WOOOOOWWW!!!!! I'm.....Speechless....I'm just soooo taken aback!

That there ALONE, if I was there, I would actually reconsider working for Block again!

If they follow through with ethics and customer caring, unlike my site, where we SHREDDED such claim forms, I would have probably worked for them again another year, not come back, but no do what I'm doing now, which is exposing their depraved existence. I'm so happy for you.


You and only you are responsible for the accuracy of the tax return submitted. All you have to do is look at the first two pages of your return to determine whether or not this income was declared on the return.

If it is not, then all H&R Block has to do is say you failed to tell them about it. Your word against theirs at this point---unless H&R wants to admit they made a mistake, which I doubt they will. Just pay the IRS bill and see what happens with your H&R claim. By the way, H&R makes a fortune duping people into buying this "peace of mind" nonsense.

All these "extended" warranties and such on appliances, etc. are nothing but income generators for the seller of the product. Good luck, but if you don't pay the IRS they will either levy your paycheck, bank or just take it out of next year's refund---the most likely avenue as the amount you owe is well within the limits IRS has established for not taking enforced collection action but just waiting for you to file next year's return.

Good luck. Next year verify the accuracy of all info on your return.