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I have used the H&R Premium Office in Arlington Heights, IL for 5 years now. These people are supposed to be the best of the best in their company. Two of ht e main people who worked there have quit and I was stuck with an H&R Blockhead. In the past, it took about 30 minutes and I paid about 650.00. This year I was there for over 2-1/2 hours, the person could not figure out my Etrade account after an hour and then asked me to do the math for him because he "couldn't get the same number twice in a row". Then he told me I would have to mail in the forms because of an energy tax credit. After getting home, he called to say that he could file it electronically, but I would need to go back to the office on Saturday. While I was there on Saturday, I found that he made a 5,000.00 mistake in my favor, but I would have been audited for sure. You can claim a 3,000.00 capital loss each year. He took my 5,000.00 capital gain and marked it as a capital loss. I spent another hour there. Then I called the office manager to complain and this ignorant #%$^%@ told me to "bring in my suitcase full of stuff and she and another person would review it". All of my paperwork fit in a 9 x 12 envelope and was extremely organized. They also charged me over 900.00 and said there were 3 more forms than last year, but they couldn't tell me what the 3 forms were. I only found 1 additional justifiable form. They were also going to refund a huge 80.00 to me, which I never received.

When my brother called to talk about pricing after I told him what happened they told him to come in and they would price it out before working on it. They called him the next day and suggested that he cancel his appointment because they don't want to waste their time if he doesn't like the pricing.

They ended up telling me "not to worry because they take care of things if I get audited". the only reason I would get audited is because of them. Also, what about the 5-1/2 hours included driving time I wasted? Then I'll have to waste another how many hours if I get audited? they really didn't care about my concerns, time or money. Use a CPA or a different company. This is the worst experience I ever had on a tax return.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Here's the truth about H&R Block. They provide excellent basic education.

However there is no development afterwards. It doesn't matter what the title of the tax preparer is, Block does not provide the resources to its staff that it needs to provide. You need to pass Block's course's by 80% in order to be employed by Block...but this in no way implies that someone IS or IS NOT competent. Sad to say, if you work in San Francisco North, 10% of the staff will be incompetent/dysfunctional.

I know...I worked there. Too much internal politics, incompetent egos, etc..etc...lazy front desk staff and disinterested management. Some are accountants and some are not. ENROLLED AGENTS are CRAZY to work there for the amount they pay.

H&R BLOCK is nothing but a sales organization hiding behind tax preparation. Proof? All the staff that goes in and out of there like a revolving door...and they try to put themselves in a category claiming they have "higher standards" than the firms. HAHAHHAAHAH!

Sorry...but I've worked in a variety of situations since then and they WISH they had the staff or the moxie that CPA firms DEMAND of their staff. The people who stick up for Block are CLEARLY PAID management and/or staff just worried about their commissions. There's no REAL concern about accuracy or quality of service. If you have a 1040EZ you are FOOLISH to pay anyone.

THERE IS NO THEORY GOING ON THERE...only H&R Block trying to SHAFT you for $75 a pop (oh yeah...that's right...we're in a recession....this year 1040EZ is free).

If you have ANYTHING more's a toss up as to what you'll get. Like I said, if you are stuck with San Francisco North, get a referral or buy a piece of software......


to accountant in Washington: you are a liar...Block does not have free tax school, and get training just on software, nor does it close its doors after tax season...Troll


If you have more than the EZ forms (ex. 1040 EZ, 540 EZ (Calif simple tax form)), ask for a tax professional with more than the title "Tax Associate".

Most Tax Associates are 1st year tax preparers and they really should only work on the EZ forms.

If you go to H&R Block website, you can input your information and the program will select tax preparers that have the minimum experience to the max experience to meet the needs of your tax situation. :)


First, they are not accountants. Remember the signs, “Free Tax School”, 20 – 30 hours of training to use their software and wa la a tax pro is born (working on commission).

And remember that on April 16th the doors are locked for the season.


The IRS rejected their tax return 3 times this years, im pissed!


I see it all the time. Most of the business that the company I work for gets is from pissed off H&R clients.

And trust me, we are growing at a significant rate. Don't waste your time even going there. You can find a CPA that charges roughly what H&R charges (or less) and it should be done right the first time.

Don't let the "CPA" scare you, the prices in most small firms should be pretty comparable. :sigh


quote for doing are taxes was 300.00

they charge us 500.00, we complained, they knocked off 41.00 $$ :(


quote for doing are taxes was 300.00

they charge us 500.00, we complained, they knocked off 41.00 $$ :(

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