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For Tax Year 2016 they BOTH CLEARLY CONSPIRED TO double the price of their software and created numerous different products making it impossible to determine how many products you need to buy to do a moderately complex tax return involving investments, running a small business, etc. Send them both a message: DON'T BUY EITHER TURBO TAX OR H&R BLOCK. There has been almost no changes in taxes from 2015 to 2016, so just use your 2015 tax software...
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Anonymous I kinda disagree with TurboTax, as I use it and no problems. I do agree with your assessment of HR Block. And a pretty clever way to get around it, I must say. Problem is, p...

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  • Poor pricing
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I am using their software on my home computer.I went to pay filing fees via their software, they said the card was refused. I verified the information was correct, after multiple times, getting the same message, I called the credit card company and was told that H&R Block had put 7 (seven) 4-day holds for the amount they said was refused. They basically rendered the credit card useless till the holds are removed. Credit card company said that...
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Anonymous Now that for me is a new low for HR Block. And I didn't think they could reach new lows. Sad that I'm proven wrong in this. The depths to which they'll screw over people in...