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Zero review I went to H&R block today on 85th and Northern Blvd. What a terrible experience.

I knew more then tje lady did. I am single but I am head of household. Another adult lives in the home bit I dont claim him and he doesnt contribute to household. I pay bills.

So my previous tax giy of 11 yrs always pit him on my taxes. This lady at HR said she never heard of that. Then what scared me the most she didnt seem confident or secure about what she was doing. Mind you I brought her last years tax papers as a guide.

So was going to start to do my taxes then she said, " you know it cost $200.00 to do your taxes, those forms you use" . I said What? My taxes are never itemized and they are the fastest done in less then 30 minutes. I ws prepared with everything i needed.

The ideal client. She told me the prices were in front. I read them it said 55-75 for EZ tax preperation. Thats how quick mines are.

I saw nothing of 200 posted on wall. She just didnt want to do them. I cant remember her name but she is short, hispanic, shoulder length black hair with glasses. The second cubicle.

I was with my tax guy 12 yrs but i moved away. I ran from there because if she wasnt looking secure about herself to me. I could just imagine the tax problem she might create. I ran to my guy in Coney Island.

And pay him the $100.00 rate plus $20.00 tip. I rather drive the distance then use someone that could cause me tax problems.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hr Block Tax Preparation.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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1040 ez instructions say ez can only be used for single or married filing jointly.