your system shows locations open when their not so i fill like if your system worng what if its filen my taxes worng im going some where elease because all 1800 hrblock can do is look on the computer and say yes its open or no its not open but realy sending you out blind cause they realy dont know if that computer is right or not its like HRBLOKES are gessing when they are open you gessing when your own compony is going to open or do HR realy cair it makes me think maby they are gessing how to do taxes

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Dallas, Texas, United States #599508

Is this a joke or something?WTF are you taking about?Pissed CONSUMERS.COM WHY?Would you allow someone of this low nature to even post this COMMENT?Hey!Anyone can be a little off.We as a nomal everyday people have off day's.But this is down right CRAZY.Sweetie go take your meds.Take five and Get plenty of REST.


It's obvious why you didn't file your own taxes. Did you even go to school?

to really? Los Angeles, California, United States #597953

HAHAHA That was funny!! I definitely wouldn't trust that person to do my taxes.

As for calling the number and hours being wrong..You obviously have access to the internet.

There is such a tool as google that you can use to find the closest office near you and the phone number. :zzz

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