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last year taxes

I filed with h&r block last year. attempted to confirm identity aND failed. how can I try again

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This question seems to be quite specific. The best way to get the answer is to contact the H&R Block Customer Support Team at 1-800-472-5625.

You can also use the company online filing help The H&R Block Online Support page contains comprehensive answers to commonly asked questions.


How do I get past tax returns from H&R Block?

1 answer
Based on the information found on, if you completed your taxes with H&R Block, you have access to tax returns for the past three years. Read on how to get copies of old tax returns.

How to Get Previous Tax Returns from H&R Block

Whether you completed your taxes with H&R Block in an office or used a do-it-yourself method, such as online or software, the procedure is the same for how to get copies of old tax returns. To do so, simply create or log in your MyBlock account. You’ll have access to your tax information from the last three years at no cost to you.

How to Get Previous Tax Returns from the IRS
The IRS offers two ways for you to receive your tax information via transcript free of charge – online or by mail with it’s Get Transcript service. With either option, you’ll need to supply personal information, such as your SSN, date of birth and your mailing address. If you’re requesting to access the information online, you’ll need to provide additional personal details when you register.
The next step in how to get your previous tax returns is to determine what type of transcript you need. You can choose from five different types of IRS transcripts – some show more information than others. For example, the Tax Return Transcript provides the most line items, including your adjusted gross income.

How to Get an Actual Copy of Tax Return?
If a transcript isn’t what you’re looking for, you can ask the IRS for a photocopy of your tax form. However, this service is not offered for free. You’ll need to file Form 4506 to get your tax information and pay the IRS a $50 fee for each year requested. You should note that it takes longer for this method — up to 75 days — for the IRS to process your request.

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