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My wife and i filed e-file. Was supposed to take just a couple weeks to get our return b ack.

4434$. To our surprise, its been a *** everyday since Feb 21st. Moses Lake H R block, faild us dramaticly. First of all they did not file the 1095-a form at all.

They never asked us for it.weeks later. After selling my only vehicle to have a place to live. My healyh was deteriorating. Walking miles a day.

To and from work. To drs.offices and further. Had to carry groceries ....water to drink..and pay bills. After several months of not knowing what was wrong.

I called thr I R S. They said they didntknow either. That i should be recieving a letter of what they needed. Abouta week later i got that letter from the IRS.

It ststed that i had not turned in the 1095-a form and another f orm was needed. So whi t hin hours i had t he form ready for the IRS. I called.H R Block t o make an appointment. They made me the appt.

Fot a week later. To no avail they were not open thst day and a new appt.was needed and made.someone from another c ity was there to meet me.during this time ..for months. It was cold.. Snowing..icey conditions and very dangeruos to walk.

I had fallen 8 times. Broke my ribs on the left side and three weeks later broken my ribs on my rt side as well. Missing work. I couldnot pay my bills and had to ask local charities fot help.

I had to sign up for food assistance. And was a regular st the food bank. Since then. Our bills got the best of me.falling at work and being in lots of pain daily.

I called The IRS again and asked how long till they could be to look at the papers i sent back that the y needed. The IRS told me that an advocste would be in touch with me asap. Well. They never called me.

So another month went by. I called t he ITS back and asked for help with thus matter. Finally after months of *** I got to tslk to someone who was mean t o me. Not understanding of my situation at all.

They did not help me at all. I looked at my beautiful wife and said i goota go get a job elsewhere. I had special skills and knew how to use them. I had yu o leave my home and i bortowed 242dollars and went to Tulsa to work by myself.

It was the hardest thing i have ever done in my life.leaving my family behind. I st i ll get no answer from the IRS when i call the advoccate wife i surely do miss her. And our ch i ld..shes 16 now. I did ask for my tax prep.

Fees back. I just got that c hek f or395+ back. Now we cant cash it. Our bank accts closed due t o being broke.

And the bank closed our acct. This is one *** after another for us. My health is doin better. Now i am severly depressed.

Living in a garage with someones home i never known. Feel like i am in jail at times. All i think about is myfamily in washington. They need me now more than ever.

With our tentions reaching a boiling point at times. I do my best to provide for them there. When i call the "wheres my refund?"app each da y it says its still being processed. I you at HR BLOCK.

Have a quality control department. Why oh why do you allow these people to make these mistakes. Surely someone there at HR BLOCKcares about the customers. This has broken my family up and i pray to my God each and everyday for guidance and patience.

I miss my wife gteatly. I need her! Shes all i got left.We will overcome this i know. If there any tjing yall can do to make thus right..i welcome it.

As i sit here at 4:30 am. I am in tears thinkin boutmy life now. And how HRBlockhas affected us. I only wish i had never walked in your doors.

All thus could have been avoided with one question. Do you have your 1092-a form?

Please feel free to call me at 918-251-8666. My name is Joseph Mickel.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Hr Block Cons: No refund after error, No accknowegement of error.

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