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I just went to H&R block for the first time In my life. And spent 346.00 for taxes I could have done for free...

That loan advance that you can get from doing your taxes is why I went in the first place. 2 hours after spending that much money, I was denied even 300.00 dollars out of my 6,800.00 taxes. And when you call the bank they say your credit. For "Christ sake" they are getting it back when they take their fee from doing your taxes.

I'm so mad that I didn't stick to my gut feeling and never do my tax business with them. A lesson well learned. Never use H&R block. It's was my hard earned money I was taking the advance from.

Ugh ugh!!!! So pissed they use that ploy to get you in their door.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hr Block Loan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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OMG this just happened to me but I’m fighting it ... I’m a single mom I can’t afford to lose $284 dollars


I was denied an advance as well. But they charged me $500 for what I consider data entry.

I always file my own. I had a couple of independent contracts last year. I was blown away. I made just under $20,000 last year.

I also went in stating that the advance was the only reason I was filing with them. I gambled and lost. A refund advance for me was crucial in timing, a deadline to get back rent paid by today- now I have a move-out date of the 5th. 10 days.

Nowhere to go, and also $500 poorer. I am also a single mom of 2. How’s the fight going?It’s completely unethical on many levels but to issue the card, state an amount and get direct deposit info while I sit there and I almost cry from the relief, I get to keep my home.

Just to be punched in the gut 10 minutes later as he smiled and said “oh, it’s been denied. Well, have a nice day.”


I'm so sorry to hear this... I heard you have to be a H&R block customer from Last year to receive the advance.

I did get my taxes on the 22nd. Thank God! Last year I lost my taxes due to student loans. So Like you I was evicted, with 2 small kids.

People dont understand you count on that money to pay bills your behind on. That one comment by someone saying what did you need a loan for... I would have done them myself for free if I knew I wasn't getting that advance. Just put me further behind.

I can't believe they charged you $500. Thats BS....


They charged us 497.00 and monkey keeps getting stolen they won't do anything about it their a rip off!!!


Jesus Christ, most refunds are issued within two weeks of filing. Why do you need a loan?

Have less taken from your check each payday and have more money in your pocket. A 6,800 refund is ridiculous.


It was probably refundable credits like earned income credit and additional child tax credit. these are a form of welfare to help working parents.

they reduce tax to zero and then reduce it to a negative number so a refund is given. eic alone can give a refund of over 6,000.


You apparently have lousy credit and YOU complain about H&R Block? You reap what you sow.


Your probably right. Not lousy credit.

But not a score of 740. But I can say I'm a hard working single mother of 2 school age kids.

My complaint is that I never had that happen before anywhere, but hr block. Thanks

For that positive comment.


And As I look on comment boards. I see that happened to a lot of reapers..


I have never seen you be so rude before.


Must not have kids.