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I went into H and R block Jan 27th of this year to file jointly with my husband who is currently deployed.I had an appointment that was supposed to be 45 minutes total.Roberto, the man doing my taxes (nor anyone else for that matter) did not inform me I needed to bring my 1040s from last year, and told me the process would be difficult without them.

Luckily I had the PDF files on my phone and told him I could send them to his email and we could continue. Roberto had never used his work email before and had not set it up, or used it. I sat around for 30 min while his co worker set it up for him. After he got the 1040s and we finished me and my husbands federal he then told me he had no idea how to do state taxes, and that we were going to have to sit and wait for the only person who knew how to do them to become available.

(He was with a customer). So finally after 30 more minutes of waiting he interrupted his coworker to come help me.

The visit had me uneasy the entire time as Roberto, who was doing my taxes was not knowledgeable at all. I had to constantly make sure he wasn't doing something incorrectly, like thinking that I was my husbands daughter, or constantly entering my social wrong, and he was asking me the whole time what certain things on my W2 or 1040 meant. My return was put on hold due to VA state taxes not being accepted yet.

The entire visit was 3 hours.

2 days goes by and they want me to come back in stating that VA is now accepting tax returns. I come in, I pay them 200 dollars for their services, and I sign the forms to authorize them to send the refund out. Hours later (around 6pm) I get a call from Roberto telling me that he forgot a form that I was supposed to sign.

I was pretty angry and he agreed that he would meet me at my apartment after he got off work so I could sign it and not have to come back in for a third time. He came by and I signed it and I thought that was going to be the end of it. Well tonight I went online to the IRS to see the status of my refund and the website could not locate it, I looked on H and R blocks' website also to track the status and they couldn't locate my file. So I called the store back tonight.

The front desk woman could not find my file, so she transferred me to someone who took another 20 min to find my file, and called me back to tell me no one had ever submitted anything and it was just sitting there because I was supposed to come in to sign a form. I explained to this man that Roberto had stopped by my apartment over 2 weeks ago and I had signed that missing form. He also mentioned something about how he doesn't know if VA is accepting returns yet, even though I was told they were. He told me they would send it out soon but honestly at this point I have no faith in any of them and I'm looking to write a letter to their headquarters describing how much of a nightmare this is.

If you insist on still going to this company DO NOT go to the one on East H Street in Chula Vista, CA.That's where I ended up going and no one there has been of any help to me.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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