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The irs released my boyfriends taxes to my emerald card account on 2/27 called 2/28 and was told the money was there and to add him as an account holder so they could release the funds. We dis that.

Still no money called again 3/1 money still there hes been verifies its processing. Called again 3/4 still there was told to give it till the end of the day, still nothing. Call tue IRS to see if its been sent back because they told us 3/6 they couldnt find it. IRS said they havent gotten anything sent back.

Called bank again and they said it was sent back the day they got it!!!! But were telling us it was always there and processing. They said they sent it back because his name was written wrong on the card but he didnt get added to the account until the day after the money was sent back?!?!? These people lie they dont know what the *** they are doing and dont really help you.

Stay away get a normal bank account. They should be shut down!!!

Now we have to wait until 4/3 for a check and if we dont have it the IRS said they will track it down. We dont know where our money is right now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hr Block Emerald Prepaid Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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