We just had our taxes done at H&R Block. Was totally surprised at the total cost of having them done. $418.00 for an Itemized tax return.

I normally do my taxes on Turbo Tax, runs me about 90.00 to file and works really well. This year for some reason I was getting an error on the program and couldn't get it to work. So we decided to get them done at H&R, they advertise for 39.95 Federal and 29.95 for state on the EZ form. So that is what we planned to do.

Took our taxes in, they ended up itemizing them, said it would benefit us to do so we would get more of a return.

Well that was true in a way, we got more back, but then they took half of it to pay for the preparation of our taxes.

When did tax prep become so expensive? I remember when I had them done when I had a business and it only cost me around 100.00, but 418.00 for something I could have done in Turbo Tax for 90.00 cost us 418.00 for them to do them. So of course when you are stuck with that kind of bill, they take it from your refund, so it goes to there bank first then to yours. So I figure it will take a long while to get what's left of our refund of $601.00. WOW!! They have quite a little scam going don't they? They get half your refund just for doing your taxes.

Monetary Loss: $418.

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Just went in to HR Block and ALMOST filed my taxes there until she told me I would be paying $300 of my $600 refund. I was totally shocked and was offered a $20 coupon, somehow I managed to escape before actually having them file my taxes.

The whole process only took 5 minutes...just like it did when I went on TurboTax. Turbo tax didn't charge me half of my refund though.

HR Block wants us to "get our billion back"...I feel like they charge a billion instead. Go to TurboTax!!


We paid those dogs $499.00 for out of state! won't be back, nuf said!

Ensenada, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico #136097

First of all whoever said they were charged 316.00 for and 1040EZ form is lying its only 39 dollars if you only have w-2s and if you get EIC they its 74 dollars no way were you charged that much for an EZ form. People just want to get everything for free now days.

They have to make a living too off this and also you are paying PROFESSIONALS to do your tax return and not a computer who cannot ask you questions to get you more of a refund for things you may not have know you could claim. TAKE A CHILL PILL and remember nothing is free and stop trying to get make everyone think H&R block is a bad company because you want something for free and they charge and dont give out charity work.

to MDA Milford, Ohio, United States #617928

I just had my taxes done today cost me 179 dollars for EZ form and she didn't ask me no questions to help me get any more money back ,so please tell me why it cost me so much

to khaney #619670

There is no way you paid $179 for a fed&state EZ return. You either had to file a 1040 or 1040A. Take a look at your form number.

to MDA Houston, Texas, United States #921094

Nobody said it's free.. but the price h r block it's way high over 300 ???

to MDA #931202

Great article. Thanks for the info, you made it easy to understand. BTW, if anyone needs to fill out a form 1040EZ, I found a blank form here.

to JillRivas #931203

Great article. Thanks for the info, you made it easy to understand. BTW, if anyone needs to fill out a form 1040EZ, I found a blank form here http://goo.gl/jBmW1B.


For real sticker shock have your taxes pre-pared by a CPA.


For real sticker shock have your taxes pre-pared by a CPA.


Might be there is a good reason H&R Block (HRB)stock has fallen three dollars past few days,maybe I'll buy some puts on it or short it. They obviously care little for their customers.Hope it bites them in the butt.


Oh yea i am with you on this one. Last year I filed the 1040 EZ short form and thye charged me 326.00 for my taxes. Theyre a bunch of crooks who do no let you know about all these hidden fees!


Thanks Wolfgang. The rest of us missed the part where he said he took an advance on his refund.

I thought he was complaining about the cost of getting his taxes done. But you obviously know what happened better than everyone else.


fell for the same thing. Not to mention they dont tell you they charge for every single page they have to file.

if you have more than 1 w-2 extra costs.

Turbo tax next year. screw this paying out the butt to someone else when i can do it for free


You should have waited for the IRS to send your refund in 8 to 15 days. You probably insisted on getting an advance on your refund within 2 days and chose to take one of their rapid refund products.

So you paid through the nose.

Don't blame it on H&R Block. Blame yourself.


I agree with this comment. I did the standard deduction with EIC.

I spoke to the IRS. They said that HR Block used the simplified 1040 and 2 extra forms. This process cost me almost $300.00 in fees which the IRS said would have been free through their services. I would have received my money within a week by direct deposit.

Instead, using HR Block direct deposit minus their fees, it will be almost an extra week and a half before i get my money. So, 3 weeks to get your money vs. 1 week and $300.00 in fees vs. $0.

My mistake. Unless I need the money the next day, I won't be doing this again.

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