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I have paid for medical all year long and asked if the 1095A was needed when filing because I did not have it at the time I was going to file and this was the first year Ive had to file with that paper, I was told it was not needed and we proceeded to file, I filled my taxes on 1/30/19 and received a letter 3/5/19 stating it was needed to filed my taxes correct! I paid $300 to H&R Block to have my taxes done correct and they obviously were not, I still have not received my federal return and know that if it was filed properly the first time I would not be still waiting for my return!

I do not feel I should have or have had to pay the $300 because it was done incorrect and the reason I went to H&R Block was so that it would be done right! I won’t receive the return until May/June is what I’m being told by the irs so I basically paid for services that I shouldn’t have !!

Product or Service Mentioned: Hr Block Tax Preparation.

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Next year start by purchasing the H&R Block tax software DVD for around $35 depending on how complicated your return is. Load it onto your computer and just follow directions.

Easy and simple. As for the 1095A I have never had to submit it to the IRS or anyone---they get a copy direct from your insurance company so they know you have insurance, etc. Sounds like you have a different problem with your return. IRS should send you, by mail, what is wrong with it so you can correct it.

They must have told you the reason for the refund/processing delay. IRS has a website where you can check on your refund yourself. Don't rely on H&R Block to do the contacting, etc.

Do it yourself either by checking the IRS website or, better yet, calling IRS and finding out what the problem is. Paying someone $300 to do an uncomplicated tax return is just wasting your money.