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So I have been a customer for over 7 years this last time my emerald card got hacked or something happened, I called repeatedly telling them to not let that website pull the money off my card every time I was reassured that this wouldn't happen and even guaranteed by one person that it would be on my card, well low and behold the website took it so then I call for the 6th time in a week and a half they say ok well it's fraudulent activity I told them this I was pissed the f off by then so the fraudulent claims department takes it over and then I get a letter saying it wasn't Fraudulent but yet a website that I even got a letter from saying I didn't have a membership with pulled it off I will never ever use this company again ever they took my tax return and then blames me

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Probably time to open an account at a local bank or credit union instead of using these Emerald cards, etc., don't you think?