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I made an online appointment to file my taxes with the H&R Block near me. The H&R Block office I went to is 4020 W.

North Ave in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When I arrived for my appointment there wasn't any front desk person to greet or give guidance, and all of the tax professionals seemed busy with other customers. Nobody said a word to me. I was ignored like I never even came in the branch.

I waited for about ten minutes and I asked one of the tax people if the person I had an appointment with, Barbara Rucker, was there. He said that she was not scheduled for that day. My question is, why wasn't I called about the schedule change? Why was her name on my appointment email if she wasn't scheduled that day?

He had no answers for me and didn't even bother to apologize. What a waste of time!

I left and nobody even apologized for wasting my time. I'm going to another tax service, this was my first and last experience with H&R Block.

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I forgot to add that when the secretary looked at my W2, she said out loud REALLY LOUD "Well, YOU made ....dollars last year and that's A LOT OF MONEY!" The entire waiting area customers looked at me, then I said to her "Well, I don't think the people at the mall could quite hear you!" I was pissed! Very unprofessional place! :(


They did the same thing to me too in Salt Lake City many years ago. :?


I would be mad too. All the preparation and yet no one to help you when you had an appointment?

Sounds like that branch is mismanaged, to put it bluntly.

I bet the other tax service welcomes you with open arms.

Thanks for the review.

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