I have always gone to HR Block, in fact I worked at the location in Travelers Rest, SC. I was so disappointed when they told me I owed $450.00 fee on having my taxes done.

I freaked out, for 45 minutes worth of work i was charge that much!!! The is horrible. She said it was because of the amt of forms that she used. Please, that is absolute robbery!!!

I did the work, they just filled in the information.

I will not go back next year, I will try to find someone cheaper!! It was not the fault of the tax preparer, I blame totally on HR Block and their ridiculous fees!!

Monetary Loss: $450.

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Sugar Land, Texas, United States #121365

Some people cannot or will not understand that the charges are not for an the work done hourly for by form and complexity of return if you paid for the time it took to do your return with pencil and paper or if just took your figures and had you come back next then charged by the hour would that make you feel better


No, Mr. Montgomery.

He's not wrong about how long it takes to have them do someone's taxes. In 1 hour and 20 minutes, H&R Block did two tax preparations - one for me and one for my sister. Total charge: $552!! That's outrageous.

We'll never go back to them!! And neither will any of my friends!


You did not have to pay the fee. If you were not satisified, they would have returned all your information and charged you nothing.

That is the way it works. I'll bet you *** when you pick up your car and get the bill from your mechanic. I seriously doubt the return was completed and ready for you to leave with in 45 minutes. But you get what you pay for.

H&R Block guarantees their work and if they make and error, they will pay all penalties and interest. Most other preparers will tell you you are totally responsible....

you get what you pay for. Go somewhere else next year.

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