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Went to H&R Block in NOLA to get my taxes done. The guy had trouble with my 1099s- couldn't read them he said.

I had to read info of my paperwork so he could enter it- even that was painfully slow. He actually drooled on himself while looking at my forms and would also suddenly get up and walk away every few minutes. All the guy talked about was going to the track and how you can make better money at the casino. I was still charged the line-by-line fee for my 1099 even though I did half the work.

I really hope my tax return isn't screwed up. Will NEVER go to H&R Block again.

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Actually- you're partially right. I could've walked away- 'oops' on me for that.

But the point is- H&R Block needs to provide more customer service and tax prep training to it's employees. 'Oops' on them for that.

Sugar Land, Texas, United States #266175

If you had no confidence in this guys ability to do your tax return correctly, then why did you allow him to finish your return?

There are other people in that office you went to, there are other offices to go to and there are other tax firms you can go to.

You were under no obligation to let the "drooler" finish. So, oops on you for allowing him to finish when you were clearly not satisfied.


First, We must apologize for such a terrible and awkward experience.

I'd love to get information on that office you visited (address, zipcode)and the tax professional who handled your tax refund.

Please email this information to with a phone number and good time to call, if you'd like to talk about this issue.


H&R Block Online Response Team

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