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After having our taxes done for a few years now at H&R Block and paying the astronomical fees for years, this year we really needed to save those fees to help towards other troubled areas in our life. My husband went as normal to get them prepared at H&R Block and when it came time to file he told the woman that he has been dealing with for years..

that this year we wanted to send them in the good old fashion way so we could save the money.

She told him it doesn't matter what way he files the costs are the same $355!!!! Next year we will be going else where my stomach is SICK and the unfortunate thing is 2011 tax year we probably would have went back to filing as normal paying $3++ but with the lack of OPTIONS to file on your own once they are prepared and compassion to those that just cannot afford it has been a real turn off.

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Ensenada, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico #245627

You. Didn't.

Have. To. File.

HR Block tax professionals will let you know what the fee is THEN ask if you want to go ahead. You went ahead anyway, right?

You could have simply said "No, thank you." and walked away and went elsewhere. Just because you sat down and had them look it over didn't mean you had to go through with it.


You could have done them yourself for free online. gives good sites that offer free tax preparation.


The tax preparer was absolutely right. You are paying to have your tax return prepared.

The e-file of your return is included at no extra cost.

So whether you mail in your return or e-file it, there is no difference in cost. I don't see why you feel there should be a discount in the price of tax PREPARATION, as that is exactly what you state you came in for.

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