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Typical H&R Block say one thing and give you another today I went in to apply for my emerald advance loan and was turned down, what they fail to tell you when your applying that your earned income credit is not included in your tax estimate for this loan this year. Well I say bull**** I work for it !

So unless you have a excellent credit score or you have paid in a good some of taxes this year give it up they will turn you down. Whats sad is the same loan last year I was approved for this year they change their policy and double their charges to get you in there, plus they charge your card 40 dollars a month.

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Maybe you are getting poorer because you don't get your facts right. H&R Block does TAXES.

The bank does LOANS. H&R Block helps you apply for a loan. The BANK either approves you or not. H&R Block does not approve you.

Get your facts right and quit putting the blame on other people because your loan was not approved. Not approved means you were not charged for the loan. Not charged for the loan means nobody got paid....

get it? :eek


Sorry you were not approved, but please don't distort the facts. There is no $40 a month charge and earned income credit is included in the esitmate. Facts!!

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