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I went to my local H&R Block yesterday evening because i needed some money up front. I ALWAYS file my taxes myself, but chose to go there this year because i needed that money.

Told the lady before sitting down that I didn't want to have them file unless i would at least be able to get $1000 up front because i needed it for something, otherwise i could just file myself as always for MUCH less and wait. when i told her i had already had my return ready to send at home and already knew what i would be getting back she asked me how much it was. I told her...and she said "oh, you should DEFINITELY get at least what you need in advance because i was getting back over $7200 total. I then assumed she knew because this was HER JOB so i trusted her and sat down and filed.

once completed she informed me that i would not know the amount to be advanced until i got a text with approval... I was confused but said ok because she seemed so confident i would get what i needed and likely more. i got half of what i needed and am now also out $346 for their fee which is ridiculous because it would have cost me under $70 to do it myself.

I AM LIVID because they were VERY deceitful. I WILL NEVER recommend your company after this

Product or Service Mentioned: Hr Block Customer Care.

Reason of review: DECIEVED.

Monetary Loss: $346.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Being deceived.

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Next year you will be able to get a cash advance. I know this because I worked right next door to an HR BLOCK.

The manager told me if I need an advance to either eat a year getting no advance and get one next year or just wait. Sorry to hear you had an issue but assumption is a pain!! You assumed that the information was correct that received. And it WOULD have been had you been a customer last tax season.

But if it’s your first time with them they MUST treat you as a potential risk. You would be surprised how much ID theft happens at tax time. This is why you don’t get an advance during you first year.

They have to prove to themselves that you are you. A successfully filed return does that.

to Common sense #1433020

First of all, I DID receive an advance, but not what they told me I should. And yes, I ASSUMED the H&R Block rep that filed my taxes was being honest and knew what she was talking about.

Shocker!!! And secondly, they charged an absolutely RIDICULOUS amount to file. It took under them no time to do it and they charged me $346 which is absurd! I could have and SHOULD have done it myself with turbo tax as always.

Lesson learned. Skeezy business!

Period. I will NEVER use their services again.

to keagansmama08_25 #1433096

Don’t get me wrong I agree the price was not worth it. I was explaining the loophole they use as it was explained to me by a member of management of H & R Block.

While yes we can file for free, when you have someone else do it there is a fee. They also tack on extra fees for the privilege of getting an advance on your own money. Remember people need to get paid so there is that cost, but they also charge more because they take the responsibility for submitting your information. They are in essence gambling that you are who you say you are but they are going to make sure they get their dollar.

I also prefer to do my own taxes as I too refuse to pay someone else. The IRS won’t care very much if the person who does them screws up. Since you have to sign it you pretty much hope that they did their job right. If they didn’t you are the one who pays not them.

Little known fact, a lot of the people who prepare your taxes are seasonal help. They attend a few classes to prep for the new tax laws but that’s about it. I used to laugh about it with the manager as my place of business was a retail store. I asked him why the training was so quick and he told me that most of the returns that they do are very basic and the problem returns were setup with an appointment with a senior tax preparer.

Given that little tidbit of information you can understand how such misinformation can be frustrating. It really is a serious lack of training on their part. Seasonal help doesn’t have much more to look forward to other then roughly four months of employment. If they do a good job with a minimum errors then they might be back next year.

Personally I feel you should go back and speak with a manager. Maybe point out what was said vs what you got.

I think it’s illegal for them to do that but you would have to check before you go in. There is always the corporate avenue but try the tax shop first.

to keagansmama08_25 #1435692

Listen you idiot... If you would have either A.

Taken the time to educate yourself on what you sign before you enter ANY type of contractual agreement or B.

Simply look at their policy, you would have read clear as day that you WILL pay their fee ONLY if you choose to finish filling with them! At ANY time in the process you could have gotten up like a grown *** man or woman and said "no thank you you guys charge too much" and left with you belonging/personal info you stupid ignorant moron.

to Tired of the ignorance #1436322

Actually most of the time hey don’t tell you how much until AFTER you file. Who’s the moron now?


I never go back I never ever asked for the emerald advance the so called professional Tood just sign me up with out my permission know they are taking my hard earned money it's a scam don't just let them take advantage of you


Yeah I never go back there again. It was the first time and my last time I go there.

What a rip off.

I didn't even get the advance approved with 6800. Coming back

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