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DO NOT USE HR BLOCK EVER! They accidentally used the previous years tax info(i had been going to them for years with my short ez form).

Their error caused me grief with the IRS, as they told me I owed back taxes, penalty & interest.

The IRS agreed that HR Block made the error cause the income & details were identical down to the penny as the previous year. The office who prepared the return agreed the preparer made a mistake. The manager of the San Francisco, CA office on Van Ness Ave, open all year long, agreed the error was the fault of HR Block.

She went on to say that although the mistake was indeed theirs, they would NOT be held responsible because I did not purchase the additional insurance to protect myself if they should make a mistake! OUTRAGEOUS.

I filed a complaint. They had to nerve to IGNORE me and never contacted me. I returned to the Van Ness Ave office of HR Block months later, she remembered me, looked it up, and saw the result: They deemed the mistake was MINE! OUTRAGEOUS. Even the woman helping me was shocked. DONT EVER USE HE BLOCK!!

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If this was purchase of a car or a TV then I could understand what Chad & 'Your Mistake' are trying to say.

But paying a professional to prepare your taxes is a huge act of trust not a purchase. You are a Client not a customer.

Chad, noone should have to ask for an 'experienced' preparer. The filing firm has a responsibility for each and every return submitted to the IRS. In our firm, all returns are reviewed by an Enrolled Agent before it is filed.

I must disagree with 'Your Mistake'. A firm should stand behind it's clients..not force them to buy insurance - no matter whose fault it is. We provide full audit protection and assist in every audit without charging a dime. It's an act of faith and partnership with our clients while they go through what is for them a new & intimidating process.

Next year, San Fransisco, I recommend finding an Enrolled Agent or CPA office and seeing the difference. I think you'll be extremely pleased.


one way to avoid mistakes such as this, is to ask for an experienced preparer beforehand

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Something doesn't sound right here. H&R Block has the "guarantee" to represent you in case of their mistake.

EVERY tax company gives the customer an option of taking insurance. JH has the "gold" and HR has theirs as well. If you didn't take their offer on insurance, you're screwed.

It's like driving a car without insurance. It's your fault if you didn't get insurance to cover the cost in case of an accident.


That is outrages, cant these h&r clowns be held liable in any way? They claim to be professionals yet they act like children and run away from responsibilities that originate from their mistakes.

Insurance... why the *** should such insurance that covers these circus mistakes even exist.

True professionals do not need to coward behind such. Additionally, customers should always be treated the same great way they are initially treated (prior to tax preparation) by this money hungry circus company who continues to appoint clowns as tax agents.

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