H+R you are thieves robbing taxpayers each year i want be back anymore and none of my family and anyone of my sons friends. you all are terrible taking people monies.

But eventually you will lose like the rest of the world i pray. you people are worst than the robbers that just left town. Leave now and dont come back nomore. I am waiting for the goverment to ride you all out.thieves, robbers you name it thats what you are.

you all will pay when you start to lose your jobs, homes, cars etc. you will be sorry

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Piedmont, California, United States #103293

your a loser stop complaing no one robbed you you robbed yourself why dont you report it to the police get a life


Wow! Bet you went to college!

Such mastery of the English language. Ranting and raving about what?


I have read the original post. You are illiterate and an ***. As for HR Block, you probably went in expecting a huge government handout and it made you mad that you didn't get it.


HR Block prices are based on the forms required by the IRS for accuracy. If you call the IRS, H&R Block will be their number one suggestion. I\'m sorry you had a bad experience.


Regarding the H & R Block tv commercial with the man & woman with one eye. It is disgusting, *** and not appealing. Considering this commercial I would never consider H & R Block for any tax purposes.

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