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Mistake was made on my taxes, they won't stand behind thier guarantee because it has been too long ago they said.I just wanted my $ back that I paid to have taxes done.

Due to their mistake on my return I paid almost $800 dollars to the IRS due to fees and penalties. I could have just thrown that $ in the street. When I filed a claim for the $300 I paid to have the taxes done, it was denied but they could " offer me a credit voucher for my next visit there ". Really ?

Why would I ever come back to H&R Block ?

I tell everyone I know not to use this dishonest company who basically steals your hard earned money and don't think twice about it.They are thieves.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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the same thing happened to me, only i paid around 3000.00 i penalties and interest to the government because of an h & r block employees mistake and i baught the guarantee that year, but it didn't do me any good.i went back and the employee told me i had to settle the debt with the irs before he could deal with them about it, well that was 4 years ago, i just got done paying the irs over 7000.00 and finally settled the debt and when i went back to h and r block they told me that wasn't true and now it was to late for them to do anything about it because the piece of mind guarantee funds are only good for 3 years.

can anybody help?

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