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Twice, HR Block incorrectly prepared and electronically filed my Maryland state income taxes. One state income tax was incorrectly prepared and filed by a HR Block senior tax consultant . Because of HR Blocks incorrect state tax preparation and filing I lost two state refunds.HR Block is mum on this issue. I have tried, but found it impossible to have a simple conversation with anyone from HR Block to resolve this matter.Therefore, I have contacted the Maryland State Comptrollers office, the State of Maryland Pension agency, our local TV investigative reporters and a lawyer. In conversation with these offices and in checking the paper work, all say HR Block indeed twice prepared and filed incorrect Maryland state income tax forms and I am due two refunds. My lawyer said the HR Block Piece of Mind policy has no standing in this matter.HR Block advertises the following on their web site and yet I can not get them to review their own work. HR Block, if I pay the $29.00 will you review your own paper work?H&R Block Second Look® Offer - only $29*Your taxes are done. Were they done right? You've got people to make sure. Let H&R Block review your tax return, no matter who prepared it, for only $29*. Last year, we found errors on 87% of all the returns that were brought to us for a Second Look® review. Those who expected a refund and refiled with us received, on average, an additional $1,300*. Marie ToomesBaltimore Md

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Get your paperwork together, make an appointment at an H&R Block office, and have someone look over your are making it more difficult than it needs to be. Oh, how does one efile a return to the state twice?

I don't think that is possible. You can mail in a return twice, but then you would have to sign it would you not?

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