Hi there! I have been with HR &; Block for over 10 years have been satisfied with professionalism and prompt customer over the years.

I had worked with this agent Lori Campauna P#32231 last year. We schedule an appointment last year with her again for this year. Well, it's a tax season along with Covid19 pandemic and we have to adapt the new way of function with everyday living and how we conduct business.

Our appointment was set for 2/11 so I called prior to confirm and also to find out how HR & Block conduct business during pandemic. I dropped all the documents with Lori.

However, after a week I tried to her to get an update and didn't get a return call. So I tried again a day later and finally spoke with her. She stated that there were missing documents and she has started working with our tax. Well, she HAD all the documents with her and she even called back and left the message that she had the documents with her.

Finally, I stopped by the office yesterday (2/25) to see her and figure it out the issue personally with her.

She claimed that HR & Block don't let her to CONTACT the customer via phone. So I said, why can't you just send me an email and she stated "she's too tired". I think it was very unproffessional & poor customer service. How you conduct a business and not able to communicate with a customer.

She made a comments that I didn't like at all so I took the package and left the office. I hope you can address the customer service and customer relation is important to a business.

Location: Portland, Oregon

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