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We had our taxes done at H&R Block a few weeks ago, because we couldn't get our internet working right to do them online.

Anyway we went to H&R Block in Norman OK and when we asked how much it would be to get them done if itemized? John (Our tax preparer) said he didn't know yet. They advertise a $39.95 federal return on the EZ form, so we figured it would be around $150.00 to itemize.

Well NOT so!

What a surprise we got the bill for him doing our taxes.!!!!

First he said we had to sign an arbitration form for there protection before he could even discuss our taxes. So we signed it. BIG MISTAKE!

Went on to do our taxes, took about a hour and a half to complete the taxes. Then John says "Here comes the shocker" He gave us the bill of $410.95 total for the taxes prepared and there fees for them to take the payment out of our income tax check refund.

We had to sign another form for them to collect our federal return for there payment and then deposit it in to our account.

He had to know how much it would be, that's why he had us sign the arbitration form first. What a RIP OFF.

Don't go to H&R Block expecting to get your itemized taxes done for any reasonable cost. They will *** royally.

Once you sign the paperwork, it keeps you from being able to take them to court.

So we are only getting a little more than half our Federal refund back and still waitng for the check to be deposited in our account.

I did however file a complaint with the BBB.

Monetary Loss: $410.

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The Arbitration clause doesn't prevent you from suing. It prevents class action lawsuits.

What it does is it gives you incredible leverage in Arbitration because H&R Block has to pay approximately $4500 in Arbitration fees in the event you file for Arbitration. It costs you nothing to file Arbitration and the forms couldn't be easier. Do you think H&R Block is going to pay $4500 in Arbitration fees and for an attorney in your home city when all you are asking for is $410?

Of course they aren't. They will pay you $410 as quickly as they can to put the matter behind them.



I agree its totally lame that they MAKE you sign it or else won't do your taxes. You should be able to choose that option from the beginning.

You can opt out of arbitration at any time even if you already signed it.

Here is the link:

I opted out because I took them to small claims court for an error they made. It wasn't worth it for me to go through arbitration, small claims did the trick and I won the case.


One of the problems is that there is a bit of information to read from H & R Block. Because they allot about an hour for each client, and are often running behind schedule with new clients waiting, the whole experience becomes rushed and stressful.

It's a mill house of tax preparation. There is precious little time to ask detailed questions or read every printout carefully. In my case, the preparer was rushing me through the process and decided I was taking too long to read and sign. She took the electronic pen out of my hand and signed off on all the boxes for me.

I was incensed and never went back. A year later she called me and asked me to come back in for my 2012 tax preparation.

I told her how unethical it was for her to sign the documents for me. She said she was just "showing" me how to do it.


My CPA sold her company didn't tell us until signing that it was now affiliated with H and R Block and I had to sign an arbitration agreement to get my forms. It was a surprise.

Now I'm trying to opt out and H and R is showing no such page.

I am using the information provided to me by H an R Block. I don't like it.


That is interesting since the arbitration agreement has a 30-day opt out clause providing you the ability to take it to the courts if you want. Second, their arbitration agreement costs you about 5 dollars on the first approximately 1500 dollars of expenses.

Finally, once you saw the cost, it is doubtful you had to sign the final documents and finish the deal and you could have gone home and waited until you could do your own.

... and no, I don't work for them but, I have seen the required arbitration document you speak of unless your office made up their own.


you say he had to know the price, that's why he had you sign the arbitration form...baloney! the software program determines the fee, the preparer did not know before he started, what the charge would be...and you could have left without paying, so why worry about arbitration, ***? to Amber: you say Block doesn't give service, yet you admit you go in to get estimates at no charge....***


H& R block not moving on my Reund USA Tax

Not Moving quick or at all


first of all the fees are based on each form you file. 1040 has a dollar amount.

the eic worksheet has a dollar amount. the schedule a has a dollar amount. the preparer will show you this itemized list if you ask.

2nd, why did you finish your taxes there if you werent happy!? thats the most ignorant thing I have ever heard.

If you go to the grocery store and the cashier says oh we are doubling your price today so instead of $50 your bill is $100. are you going to pay it or walk out?

its simple, you leave. you are adults you know


Well...wish I had come to this site first, I am the next in line of idiots who have overpaid for their tax preparation. There was no discussion of the fee until the final momemt and whammo 299.oo for a straight foward, no itemization 1099 fee.

Calling main branch only got me a "you should receive a call within 3-5 business days. I should have walked, but the tax preparer did her job, but did not explain at any point the cost involved. Nor that the papers being asked for signature had anything to do with committing me to this fee. I will tell everyone and already halted a friend who was to go the next day.

This is beyond a ripoff it is the ultimate sin of omission and HR Block should be ashamed to take advantage of people in this way. I did not walk in with a shoebox full of receipts, but a W2 form I shold have done for myself.


Because people lie about what forms they have and say they have an 1040ez when they do not is the reason h r block can't give prices.


You got bad tax pro and bad office.

You may simply walk out before you pay without any obligation even if you sign any documents.

Before they e-file or print out tax return, they must ask you that "Do you satisfy our tax preparation service today?" If you say no, you do not have to pay. They will ask your reason, but they must stop their preparation and never charge you. That is their policy "Customer satisfaction is guarantee".


Szim52 I myself don't like HR Block because they overcharge and you don't get any service. You can always walk out and decide not to file with them after they have done all the work and you don't like the fees.

I always go there to get estimates and then I walk out. They do not deserve your business and certainly not your money.


Well that makes you a piece of ***. You just took time from the tax pro which could actually be making money.

Would you go to a restaurant and eat half the meal without paying? Would you want it to happen to you?


@ Anonymous Well he is no more a piece of *** than the h&r tax reps who do not disclose the most important piece of information, the cost of services! The customer shouldn’t have to ask.

It should be disclosed up front. They are ripping people off intentionally.


Greedy M*************!!


You do know that you have 30 days to opt out.. Read please before you sign. :x


Never us H&R Block to do your taxes especially the Elmhurst, IL office. The tax prep person by the name of Joan Brennen, she starts the process with "I only have an hour and very busy day"!

I offered to re-schedule for more time and come back and she said let's get started. After about 30 minutes discussion with a very disorganized person who did not even know how to enter the tax return data into their data base I lost it and asked for all of my tax information back. Matter of after we got started she shoved a holdharmless and arbitration agreement in front of us with out any explaination and told us to sign it. Search for complaints online and you will see why.

she even goes on to tell us our home mortgage deduction from the previous year was way to high and that the IRS may send us a letter requesting additional information, what wores she did not just get it we own multiple homes.

My suggestion is never use H&R Block and go to a CPA or a prior IRS auditor who know the tax code and laws. If you own stock in H&R Block or trade it sell it as quckly as you can.


Who has time to read all these papers use your head people should stop trying to rob people all the time.


Who has time to read all these papers use your head people should stop trying to rob people all the time.


This is true, but we were not given that option. We had to sign it, they would NOT start on our taxes or tell us how much it would be till we signed it. Then only told us the cost after we had them done.


If a dispute arises between you and H&R Block, including any dispute that relates to POM, the dispute shall be settled by binding arbitration unless you opt out of this arbitration provision. The arbitration procedures, including the procedures for you to opt out of arbitration, are set forth in the Client Service Agreement between you and Block, in the section titled "Arbitration if a Dispute Arises Between You and H&R Block." The "Arbitration if a Dispute Arises Between You and H&R Block" section hereby is incorporated by reference.