Fulton, Mississippi
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My visit to H & R Block was supposed to be a lunchtime event. The rep was nice but didn't have a clue to what she was doing.

She read the screen and tried to figure out what to do as we went along. I understand being new, etc but I had to explain each line. She finally got another rep to help briefly. After 3 hours of my day, explaining every line and being charged $500, I left very disgruntled and frustrated.

I thought they would be good and quick. My fault for believing the commercial. Never again. Al they actually do is fill in the blanks on a computer screen, offer no real information and take your money.

My return had regular income, commission income and business expense. NOT $500 worth of work, especially since I did most of it! NEVER NEVER again.

Their website doesn't even have a contact for complaints! They're my new enemy!

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former worker at H&R Block, Compliance Officer. If H&R Block did not file your return, there should be no charge, they have to file your return.

It was good that you called Corp. Make sure your return was not efiled, then you can file for yourself or have another firm file for you.


Very typical at H&R Block. Many offices have brand new preparers working alone.

Don't go there. They overcharge also.

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