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When I went today to file my tax at H&R Block for the first time with them to try out after seeing so many commercial about them, I went there and I told the lady that I want to know upfront how much you're going to charge me before doing my tax and she said that she has to have a look at my slips first. I am sitting there for 4 HOURS!!!!

and she was having a hard time to access my CRA account because H&R Block system keep giving errors because is not accepting my name because it has apostrophe!!! what I nuisance!!! after four hours sitting there she finished finally then she said I have to pay $219!! I asked her why and she said because I had tuition fees to claim and four T4s.

So what if i had 4 T4s or one is it adding them together cost extra money?

my tax claim was simple and I told her I want an estimate of how much ganna cost me and after four hours after finishing everything then she tells me I have to pay $219 which I feel cheated and ripped off but if it wasn't because I wasted so much time already and felt that I am forced to pay I wouldn't!! my first and last time to file with those cheaters!!

Monetary Loss: $219.

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