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I waited 4 hours and have gotten the emerald advance loan for many years I have gotten the $1000 loan for the last 3 this years, 3 ppl before me had always gotten a loan and I was also denied they looked at my info and said I should've gotten it but had to have the general manager go back and look cuz once the submit she's the only one who can. They told me that they would the next day get ahold of her I called they told me I had to come back and sit and wait so I did only for them to tell me I'd have to call the next day she was gone for the day when I called next day soon as the opened they told me I had to call Monday I'm about Ready to do away with H&R Block and I've been with them for over 10 yrs this is an outrage

Product or Service Mentioned: Hr Block Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I meant to ask you if the computer was freezing up when they did yours.They told me the same thing that they would call the district manager and have my application reset and now they're saying they can't do this.Did they reset your application and resolve your problem?


Outraged, if you don't mind me asking who did your taxes this year cause I had the same exact problem as you and was telling computer freezing when u did yours?


Your "outrage" at being denied a loan is silly. You are requesting a loan from a company and they apparently don't wish to do so.

That's their right and if/when you don't like it, go somewhere else.

Or, do what responsible people do and prepare the return yourself. Much cheaper.


I just want to know what's your actual point in making this comment???? You're not helping any situation instead you're just talking trash smh people like you have no lives and just sit on the internet messing with people


Yeah I think so too. He was negative about my comment too.


He's a troll going on every discussion and comments stupid *** He acts like he works for them. Every comment he's giv9is negative. SMH