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My husband and I did our taxes with H and R block on January 22, 2012. We paid $110 to have them file them for us.

They told us the money would be in our account by February 6, 2012 at the very latest. Today is February 10 and we still do not have the money in our account. We have called our local H and R Block daily since February 6. Every time we have called we have been told that should be in our account within 24 hours.

The local office also told us that the money was at their bank and was in the process of being transferred from our bank to theirs. Then yesterday we called the 1-800 number and were connected with someone at H annd R Blocks bank. She told us that she did not show that the money had been recieved by them from the IRS. How can this be that the local office is telling us that their bank is saying they have it and that it is in the process of being transferred to our bank and then the bank tell us they dont even have it yet??

Also one of the times my husband called our local office he was hung up on when he asked to speak to the maanager! We will NOT be using H and R Block ever again!!

Monetary Loss: $5389.

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Basically you disregarded everything that was said , It's no longer an It's issue if h&r block had stated they had the funds and it waiting to be processed, from what I see they give you a deadline if you did an advance , if you return does not arrive before then they will charge a late fee , It's a scam I can tell be the question they ask over the hotline i, that being said I'm only waiting one more day before i get a lawyer. Long story short find a local tax person that people you know well trust and have that person do your taxes next year , this h&r block fiasco is a wrapito.....


IRS changed to a Modernize filing system which has caused delays. This is in the site.

Just because a tax professional completes your taxes does not mean they have the ability to speed up how the IRS processes your return.

Seriously...if you want to complain do them yourself and save the 110.00. Unless you have magical powers and can make the IRS process your return faster than all others who must wait.

Feel free and I hope you are audited in the long run. Because at that point you will be back to block as all others who have and continue to complain return.


Taxpayers who filed prior to Jan 26th will have a delay in receiving their tax refunds....due to some software upgrade issue at the IRS. I heard it on the news. you can read about it in USA Today, ABC News, etc.

So that might be part of the problem.

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